Publish 19 (part 2) 31st July

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Publish 19: Quick Self-looting

UO Team 31 Jul 2003 00:00:00 EST

If you’ve spent tons of time organizing your backpacks and bags just the way you like them, it can be a real pain to get everything back in order after you die. To make it a little easier to pick up your stuff and keep going, we’ve added a new “Quick Self-looting” feature.

With this feature, players now have the ability to loot their corpse and get everything back into place without spending time rearranging things the way they had been. To instantly re-equip your items and bags, you can double-click your corpse, which will cause all of your inventory to go back to you, in the same arrangement it was in before. Of course, if you simply want to open your corpse without automatically re-equipping everything, you can use the context menu to do that as well.

Here’s a few more notes about this feature:

  • If you’ve equipped something since you died, and there was something else equipped in that slot on your corpse, the item that was on your corpse will go into your backpack instead.
  • If a player dies more than once, this feature will be available on all their corpses.
  • When your corpse is empty after using the quick self-looting, you will receive a message stating, “You quickly gather all of your belongings,” and your corpse will decay to bones.
  • If your backpack becomes full before everything has been removed from your corpse, you will receive a message stating, “You gather some of your belongings. The rest remain on the corpse.”
  • Depending on the looting rules in the area where the player died, players’ corpses may still be looted by other players; however, auto-equipping will not work for anyone but the original owner.