Publish 20.1 20th August

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House Runestones

UO Team 20 Aug 2003 00:00:00 EST

In order to facilitate safer traveling for those visiting vendor shops, an in-house rune marking system is being developed to allow players to Recall off of hued house runestones without fear of ending up in some dangerous dungeon.

Players will be able to mark runestones while inside of public and private houses, as long as they have the appropriate skill in Magery and can enter the house. These runestones will be hued a specific color based on which facet they were marked in. They will also be automatically inscribed with the name of the house–an inscription that cannot be changed–as well as have the word “House” tagged on to the name.

When using Recall, Sacred Journey, or Gate Travel off of a house runestone, the player will be transported to a spot outside the house, but near the house sign, and not inside of the house itself.