Publish 83

TC1 Release – 08/30/2013

Origin & Izumo Release – 09/09/2013

World Wide Release –  09/12/2013

Happy 16th Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Ultima Online’s 16th anniversary gift bag will be delivered between midnight Monday, September 15th, 2013 and midnight October 14th, 2013. Characters need to be 30 days or older to receive the gift bag which contains :

  • a 16th anniversary pony statuette (no it is not a pink pony)
  • a 16th anniversary gift card
  • a 16th anniversary plant deed
  • a 16th anniversary silver serving tray.

New Potted plant deed will create a specially hued Japanese maple tree, a wall mount staghorn fern deed, a potted dieffenbachia plant or a specially hued enormous Venus flytrap plant.

The Venus flytrap plant functions just like a trash can which allows you to have more than one trash can in your house and is tied to the Clean up points.

Cleanup Britannia Update

Based on player feedback we have added four new cleanup Britannia rewards.

These items include the Refinement Amalgamator, Nature’s Tears, Lune Rouge and Soleil Rouge. We have also added back all of the old dyes.

We have also added many items to the cleanup turn in list:

Item Turn In Value

  • 300th Anniversary Bags – 15000
  • Red Soulstone – 15000
  • Blue Soulstone – 15000
  • Green Soulstone – 105000
  • A plate decorated with a beautiful painting of Mondain’s Defeat… – 15000
  • Whispering Rose – 7500
  • Items “of exceptional quality – 5000
  • Infested Tree – 2500
  • Furs (excluding Grobu’s Fur) – 2500
  • Halloween 2012 Bone Containers (rare colors) – 1500
  • Horn of Plenty – 1000
  • Searing Weapons – 1000
  • Armor Sets (Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Assassin, Necromancer, – 1000
    Myrmidon, Acolyte, Marksman, Juggernaut and Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Sets)
  • Kepetch Wax – 500
  • Slith Eye – 500
  • Soulstone Fragments – 500
  • Bottle of Pink Champagne – 500
  • White Cloth Tubs – 300
  • Halloween 2012 Bone Containers – 300
  • Geodes and Lava Rock – 250
  • Sponges – 250
  • Barnacle Covered Items – 250
  • Stone boots – 250
  • Pavers – 250
  • Shells fished up via dredging hook – 250
  • Plague Mask (all facings)- 200
  • Demon Mask (all facings) – 200
  • Evil Clown Mask (all facings) – 200
  • Porcelain Mask (all facings) – 200
  • Evil Jester Mask (all facings) – 200
  • Metal Cloth Tub – 100
  • 14th Anniversary Gift Bag – 100
  • Lodestone – 75
  • Fey Wings – 75
  • Vile Tentacles – 75
  • Sands of Sosaria – 50
  • Anniversary Muffins 2012 – 50
  • Cupid’s Arrow – 50
  • 15th Anniversary Cake – 50
  • Cupid Statue (all facings) – 50
  • Heart Shaped Box (Valentines 2012) (all facings) – 50
  • Happy Holidays 2012 Pouch – 50
  • Winter Tree – 50
  • Festive Tree – 50
  • 15th Anniversary Gift Bags – 50
  • 2012 Poinsettia – 50
  • Valentine Cards – 50
  • Grass Tiles – 50
  • Snow Tiles – 50
  • Harpsichord Deed – 50
  • Refinements – 50*level
  • Turkey Platter – 10
  • Harpsichord Rolls – 10
  • Aquarium Decorations – 10
  • Yeast – 10
  • Talisman – 10
  • Legendary High Seas Big Fish – 10*weight
  • Dead Aquarium Fish – 5
  • Sweet Potato Pie – 5
  • Basket of Rolls – 5
  • Terathan Cuticle Sack – 5
  • Terathan Avenger Arms – 5
  • Rare High Seas Big Fish – 5*weight
  • Stout Whip – 3
  • Decorative Plants – 1
  • Plant clippings – 1
  • Boura Fur – 0.1

Exploring the Deep

  • A New Quest & Encounter have been added. Visit Hepler the Salvager Master at the Sons of the Sea in Trinsic.

This is the first part of a three part content Arc which will be developing over the next few months.

City Government Changes

  • Daily treasury taxation has been removed.
  • Citizens may now donate items directly to the City Heralds, Governors can access those donations by using the City Stones.
  • A bulletin board for intra-city communication has been placed in proximity to the City Stone in each loyalty city.
  • Governors may place a ballot box to poll their citizens by accessing the option from the City Stone.


Halloween 2013

  • During the month of October (October 1st – October 31st ET) Butchers can be found in Graveyards throughout Britannia.
  • Butchers have a chance to drop a “Carving Kit.”
  • Carving kits can be used on new carveable pumpkins to craft 9 different Jack o’ Lanterns.
  • Carveable pumpkins can be found on Grimms, randomly spawning in pumpkin patches throughout Britannia.
  • Some old and some new items have been added to Trick or Treating, including the heads of the UO Dev Team on a pike.

GM Begging is required to have a chance at special Trick or Treat rewards, including the Heads on a Spike.

Character Transfer and Character Copy Changes

Due to some issues that have popped up recently with the cancellation of character transfers we have added the following protection to the system.

  • The 24 hour waiting time between character transfers will now also applied to character copies
  • In addition, each cancelled character transfer or character copy will be followed by an increasing waiting time based on their number of recent cancels.

The first cancelled transfer or copy will be followed by a 5 minute waiting time before another transfer or copy can be attempted.

Each additional transfer or copy which is attempted and cancelled within 60 minutes of the first cancel, will add an additional 5 minutes to the waiting time.

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • New Item Property Bane is found on certain weapons. This on hit property will only trigger when the targets health is below 50%. As the targets health decreases the chance for the property to fire will increase along with the damage inflicted.  Bane has the potential to damage the target for up to 30% of the targets max hit points in physical damage. This damage cannot exceed 350 physical damage.
  • Refinement Amalgamator – Allows refinements of the same type and level to upgraded to the next level. Purchasable from Cleanup Britannia.

Level Requirements:

  • 2 “Type” of Defense required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Protection.
  • 3 “Type” of Protection required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Hardening.
  • 4 “Type” of Hardening required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Fortification.
  • 5 “Type” of Fortification required to upgrade to 1 “Type” of Invulnerability.

New Titles: Veteran

  • Unlocked at 2 years : Explorer of Darkness
  • Unlocked at 4 years: Avenger of the Enchantress
  • Unlocked at 6 years: Slayer of Exodus
  • Unlocked at 8 years: Quester of the Avatar
  • Unlocked at 10 years: Warrior of Destiny
  • Unlocked at 12 years: Fulfiller of the False Prophecy
  • Unlocked at 14 years: Destroyer of the Fellowship
  • Unlocked at 16 years: Survivor of Pagan
  • Unlocked at 18 years: Ascendant of the Guardian
  • Removed account age limit to use vet reward items. This change does not remove the account bound limitation set on some vet rewards.
  • Houses with rental vendors will now fall once they cycle completely through two IDOC states.
  • Rental vendor owners will now receive in game messages if the houses they are in go into a collapsing state.
  • Added a new cooking recipe, a craftable 3 teir cake recipe can be found on the Orge Cook, Fezzik, in the Wrong Dungeon. These cakes can be dyed by the natural dyes.

Bug Fixes

  • All footwear can now be dyed using standard dye tubs, leather dye tubs and natural dyes.
  • The non-meddable armor pieces of the Virtuoso’s Set, the Fisherman’s Set and the Bestial Set can now have the mage armor property applied via a mage guildmaster.
  • Players will no longer erroneously receive wall tiles from the Heartwood fletching quests.
  • Added five additional dungeons (Blighted Grove, Painted Caves, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light and Sanctuary) to the Corrupted Crystal Portal. The Felucca location for the Palace of Paroxysmus cannot be accessed through use of the Corrupted Crystal Portal.
  • Updated the Exodus encounter stolen item list to include Dread Horn Mane instead of Pristine Dread Horn.
  • Removed several blocked locations from the Despise call to arms landing zone.
  • Added several items to the list of items that are dyeable by the metal dye tub.
  • Corrected the gaman’s command acknowledgement sound effect. The pet should no longer whistle like birds.
  • Added the ability to use Tokuno and/or Haochi dyes on the Shroud of the Condemned robe.
  • Added salvage bags to the list of items that are sold by the Ter Mur gargish provisioners.
  • The quest system will now recognize more of New Magincia for escort NPCs that are travelling to that city.
  • Hit curse item property now uses constant power and no longer uses player skill to determine duration.
  • Container’s contents are now viewable in the trade window.
  • Reforging packages – Mage weapon has been added to Wizardry and Quality packages.
  • Re-enabling House dueling with non guild mates. Attacking player outside of house while moving will still result in ejection.
  • Secured containers that are created from deeds (Alchemist Bookshelf, Fountains of Life, etc.) in houses will remain secure after house customization.
  • Gargoyle players can no longer use a bola attack and essentially fly at the same time.
  • You will no longer be able to track a player after his death.
  • You are now able to save macros using the number pad on non US keyboards
  • Trial accounts are no longer able to use shard transfer tokens or character copy.
  • Invisible players will now have to pass a stealth check to remain invisible when using any type of teleporter.

Classic client 7.0.32

  • Cliloc Changes
  • New Art Additions

Enhanced Client 4.0.32

  • Cliloc Changes
  • New Art Additions