Reg Volom


In the center of Termir Ilshen lake in Ishenar is the sandy island of Reg Volom (48’25’N 2.48’E 1363, 1073). The island is reached only by teleporter from Rag Nax – a hidden valley in the mountains beyond the spider cave. A similar teleporter, a glowing rune within a circle of pillars, is the arrival point, and departure point for a return journey.


The large building on the island is the Ethereal Warrior’s Castle. These beings welcome characters of good repute, and will resurrect those who have met with misfortune on the way to them. They are less tolerant of characters with negative karma.
A long hall stretches the full length of the castle, at the point furthest from the entrance a flight of stairs lead downwards into Spectre Dungeon.