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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-8470"><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-8470" src="" alt="blood-entry" width="200" height="300" /></a> The entrance to this sinister dungeon is found by following the mountain west from Spirituality moongate in Ilshenar. An area barren of plant life but littered with skeletons, both on the ground and patrolling, undead, surrounds the opening of a pass deeper into the mountain. Twin shadow towers mark the beginning and end of the pass which leads to a small clear area populated by imps, skeletons and skeletal knights and beyond it a staircase downwards into the dungeon (33.55'N 29.40'E 1745,1238). <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-8471"><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-8471" src="" alt="blood-dungeon" width="198" height="300" /></a> Three passage ways leave the square entry hall. Those to left and right lead to identical configurations of passage ways and to jail cells. Both areas have imps, the area to the west also has small hellcats while a blood elemental is found at the furthest end of the passage to the east. Straight opposite the entrance a further passage extends and then splits east and west. Again both sides have identical configurations. The first turn south, from either east or west, leads to a central area which is the domain of a balron. Imps may be encountered in the corridors. The two outer branches of these corridors turn south and are patrolled by a blood elemental before turning again to meet up at the central point. Daemon are found in this final east/west corridor while the rear opening of the dungeon is into a cave occupied by purifying blood elementals, hellcats and a succubus.

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