Britain Passage

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Britain Passage, through the sewer, is a twisting route to the lost lands. The sewer is reached by descending ladders in the center of Britain (1.29’S 11.57’E 1493, 1641).

In Felucca the sewer is unoccupied, the route gives access to Lost land close to the Champion Spawn ‘Hoppers Bog’.

In Trammel sewer rats and bullfrogs frequent the paths while alligators swim in the swamp below. At some points the denizens of the deep sewers can be seen; acid elementals and orcs. While the password to reach these areas is still active the bridge to exit the area collapsed during the search for Inu the Crone (2006 story arc). For this reason use of the password is not recommended.

Click on the image below to activate the larger, animated, image which shows the route through the tunnels.