Ankh is a rambling dungeon all on one level and having four entrances in Ilshenar. The entrances are marked on the map below as A, B, C and D.

Entrance A is located south west of the shrine of honor. A ruin against the edge of the mountain surrounds stairs leading downwards (61.05’N 46.11’W 666, 929). Slightly west of this entrance is the oddly colored flowstone, one of Ilshenar’s resurrection points.
Characters entering the dungeon at this point will encounter skeletons, skeletal knights and skeletal mages roaming jail cells. and beyond them wraiths and shades in a dining hall.

Entrance B enters the dungeon from Serpentine Passage (3.25’N 65.10’W 396, 1585). Perhaps logically, since the Serpentine passage contains a bandstand, this entrance gives access to the music room which is unoccupied. Leaving this room by the corridor opposite the entrance the adventurer will encounter a T junction. The west branch of this cross corridor meets that leading from the dining room and jails accessed from entrance A. The eastern branch leads through a pair of doors to several rooms and, at the far end, a graveyard. Stronger and more deadly undead creatures are met along this route including mummies and lich with lich lords and rotting corpses found in the graveyard.

Entrance C enters from Kirin Passage (66.16’N 92.06’W 13, 870) into a long corridor populated by imps and hell hounds. Turning East at the end of this corridor the traveller finds a large room to the south and straight ahead a square room occupied by evil mages. The corridor turns and continues North outside this room, becoming the same corridor that was followed south from entrance A. The large, southern, room contains possibly the nastiest inhabitants of the dungeon, especially when in paragon form. A daemon and a blood elemental are accompanied by several more imps and hell hounds. There is a further exit at the far end of this long and dangerous room.

Entrance D is located in the abandoned building which contains the fountain of life (41.07’N 52.27’W 577, 1156). The stairs lead to a corridor patrolled by rat men of all kinds. A long corridor stretches away to the west. The rooms on the north side of the corridor are occupied by evil mages, wraiths and shades while to the south are more jails with an extensive population of ratmen. At the end of the corridor is the aforementioned ‘further exit’ of the large room encountered from entrance C.