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<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-5517 alignnone" src="" alt="fire-locate" width="184" height="181" /></a> <a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-5518 alignnone" src="" alt="fire-locate2" width="180" height="183" /></a> Fire is a dungeon with two entrances. The first is close to the town of Serpent's Hold, just a few paces from the town dock. The second is in the much less hospitable desert and lava region of the Lost Lands, north of the town of Papua and close to the <a href="">'Desert' Champion Location</a> in Felucca. The Felucca incarnation of this dungeon is a valid location for <a href="">stealing from monsters</a> but is not an anti virtue dungeon. The<a href=""> Abyss Champion Spawn</a> occupies the maze-like area furthest from the dungeon entrances in the Felucca facet. <hr class="wide" /> <h3>Level One</h3> <a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-5520 alignleft" src="" alt="fire-one" width="561" height="489" /></a> The entrance to level one from Serpent's Hold is shown by the x on the map top left, the welcoming committee in Trammel consists of slime, giant rats and giant serpents. These are absent in Felucca. The path is a central one of three levels, before you is a path above your head, behind you a building on a lower path. Moving east brings you first to the access slope of the upper path; a short shelf going nowhere. The slope to the lower level leads to the building, occupied by and evil mage and evil mage lord. In Felucca this building also houses a pair of teleport sparkles, the southern of which leads to the Vermin Horde spawn area in Despise. The proximity to the dungeon entrance, and therefore much shorter route to that champion area, makes this part of fire very popular with players. The second, northern sparkle leads to the Ancient Wyrm's lair in Destard Further east from these three branches the 'fire' nature of the dungeon reveals itself in the form of lava snakes, lava serpents, lava lizards, hell hounds, hellcats, predator hellcats and fire elementals when in Trammel. A single efreet or fire steed can randomly spawn anywhere in the dungeon from this point on. A rope bridge across the lava flow leads to a small area patrolled by fire elementals on both facets, the rope leads no where else. Beyond the rope bridge a slope leading upward and northerly gives access to the second entrance, marked with an x on the map, a second slope further on also leads upwards onto this path, while in the opposite direction a bridge crosses the lava. Crossing the bridge, a winding passage terminates at a stone wall surrounding a ruined underground city. Lich and skeletal mages roam among the ruins in Trammel, Lich Lords are in possession in Felucca, with an occasional fire elemental. The first spawn to be met in Felucca unless you crossed the rope bridge to the fire elementals. Leaving the city via another bridge over the lava you skirt the arrival points of the teleporter sparkles in Felucca from Abyssal Infernal and Terathan keep and enter a maze of walled passage ways haunted by the same 'firey' spawn as the earlier regions in Trammel, but the home of the Abyss champ in Felucca, so deserted if the champ is inactive. You will need to follow the overhead map carefully to find the stairs to level two, towards the north west. The champion altar is in a sunken area a little east of the stairs, almost in the center of the maze. <h3>Level Two</h3> <a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-5521 alignleft" src="" alt="fire-two" width="439" height="304" /></a> Stepping from the lowest stair you find yourself close to the north west corner of the level, as above, hellcats and fire elementals are in evidence when in Trammel. Moving north and west the first building you encounter, close to a lava pool, houses efreets. Turning south the path splits, to the west a small room houses an evil mage while a pack of hell hounds howl outside, to the east a small room with a pentagram on the floor houses a pair of daemon. If you should choose to play with them it is advisable to invite them to leave their room, inadvertently stepping on their pentagram drops you into their flame filled cellar! The south west corner of the level contains a pair of buildings with many inter-connecting rooms, linked by a bridge; home to several evil mages and evil mage lords. If you wind your way through to the end a swifter exit can be achieved by a teleporter pad in the second building which takes you just through the wall. A slightly different style of pad at the east corner lifts you to the roof and the bridge back to the first building. Leaving these buildings and turning east takes you behind the daemon room, a path going north leads to it; continuing east brings you to a room occupied by lich and lich lords. Strangely it seems lich lords will not open doors, but wait for the subordinate lich to open the door for them. The lich are at the east most edge of the level, so northward is the direction next, the passage winds west and east, ignoring another path back to the daemon, arrive at the final building, housing fire elementals, beyond which is the staircase down which you arrived. In Felucca the corridors of the level are empty, no roaming hell hounds or other 'fire' oriented spawn, but all the buildings have the same occupants as their Trammel equivalents.

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