Located in the mountains of snowy Dagger Isle, Deceit is one of the anti-virtue dungeons, as such hunting there can give virtue artifact drops.

The Felucca incarnation of this dungeon is also a valid location for stealing from monsters. The Unholy Terror Champion Spawn on level three and the Feluccan entrance to the Primeval Lich Champion Spawn Region on level four are also found in this Dungeon when on the Felucca facet as are teleporters to the Vermin Horde champion area in Despise and the Abyss champion area in Fire dungeon.

Despise is the anti-virtue opposed to Compassion, listen carefully and you will hear the despicable laugh of lich deep within.

Level One


The entrance to the dungeon is marked with a x on the map, you find yourself in a long arched corridor with rooms branching off to either side, two large and two small on each side. The corridor connects to the larger rooms with an open archway, while another arch from each large room leads to its adjacent smaller one. In the first large room to the west a brazier stands on a pentagram, approaching it will convey to you the message ‘Heed this warning well, and use this brazier at your own peril’. The warning is well meant, double clicking on the brazier will summon to the dungeon a random monster and while this could be something as insignificant as a headless, it could equally be a greater dragon!

Skeletons and zombies roam these rooms, with a pair of mummies occupying the further pair to the east. This corridor terminates in a room with four pools, a strange platform topped with 2 braziers and doors closing off the rest of the level.

Opening the doors presents the choice of moving straight ahead or turning east down a staircase. Moving ahead the corridor, haunted by zombies and skeletons in Trammel, turns left and, with a couple of further corners, eventually doubles back on itself leading to a room dominated by a large table attended by a pair of mummies.

The staircase to the east gives access to an L shaped passageway at the end of which is a further staircase leading back up. A long, narrow passage leads off to the west while a more open corridor leads to the east. The western passage leads outside the constructed walls of the dungeon into a more natural cave, passing behind the room you just left, this gives way to more walls as you enter another building. Dungeon cells on either side, occupied by skeletons and zombies give a hint to the nature of the room at the end. A torture chamber! You will find an executioner here on the Felucca facet.

The corridor and the rooms to the east of the staircase house ghouls and wraiths in Trammel, bone and skeletal knights in Felucca. Stairs at the end of this eastern passage lead to level 2

Level Two


Descending the stairs, a single large room and small store room are to the east, while the corridor leads away to the west. Doors along this route, once locked, now open to allow access. Ghouls, skeletons and wraiths patrol the area and occupy the rooms. The population in Trammel is significantly denser than that found in Felucca

Passing from room to room a strange walled square is found with no apparent entrance. A canny thief who finds the hidden door may try his lockpick skill on the chests inside, there are also several chest in the nearby small room. Leaving this strange room brings the adventurer to a T shaped bridge over a well or pool, the arm of the T leads to a large area with many locked and trapped crates and barrels, although the room has double doors one of the doors is locked on some shards.

The furthest room on the western side is occupied by evil wizards while a finally corridor leading off to the left leads to the way down to level three, ably guarded by bone and skeletal knights. Here too the population is considerably denser in Trammel than in the Feluccan counterpart. A pair of teleporter tiles passing a narrow pair of archways no longer function in Felucca but are still active in Trammel. The final room has no visible exit, stand in the center of the platform between the glowing runes to move onward.

Level Three


Level three, in Felucca, is the location of the champion spawn, the altar being in the central arm slightly above a room with noxious pools, from which the stench gives rise to nausea. When the spawn is not active this level is entirely unpopulated.

In Trammel moving forward from the teleport platform brings you to another room with no apparent door, clicking on the wall will reveal the secret. Beyond that wall you may meet the first of the lich whose chilling laugh echos through the passages. Here too resides a poison elemental together with the ever present ghouls and wraiths. The corridor terminates in a square room with raised platforms, the catacomb.

Returning through the wall and moving deeper into the level, past a single room with a swampy pool in one corner, serving no discernable purpose, brings you to a junction, the choice is North or South. South is the area that houses the champion altar in Felucca, the corridor opens out in two areas, both are dominated by pools, one more polluted than the other. Avoid this noxious liquid, only the resident ghouls and spectres take no harm from it.

North from the junction the corridor turns east and widens, yet another noxious pool occupies one corner, lich accompany the shades and wraiths here. At the far side of this wider area are steps leading down to a zigzag corridor terminating in the ‘unholy temple’, stone pentagrams and glowing runes decorate the floor and spells and potions adorn the tables while lich patrol restlessly. Skirt around the swampy pool to reach the steps to level four.

Level Four


Descent into level four finds you in the company of lich on either facet, accompanied by the usual ghouls etc in Trammel. In the center of the room immediately in front of the steps is a deep pit. In Felucca a doorway at the bottom of this pit leads to the Primeval Lich Champion Region, in Trammel there is merely a switch on the wall at this point. Don’t be tempted to flip the switch, a flame will flare out from the wall and damage you if you do.

To the west a strange room with a hidden door and almost no floor. The only way to cross this room is to teleport or shadow jump. To the east double doors open to an L shaped corridor, one of these doors may be locked. A second set of doors blocks the corridor. Just beyond these doors is the point at which the teleporter sparkle in Felucca Destard ejects the traveller. Progress further along this route depends on the traveller finding the hidden door in the wall, giving access to the narrower passage beyond. If the door is found you will be able to enter the crypt where lich and lich lords roam among the coffins, accompanied in Trammel by silver serpents.

South from the pit a single door leads to a small room, which leads to series of rooms having one entrance door and one exit door, leading round in a U shape; lich patrol them in Felucca but they appear to be vacant in Trammel. The room at the end of this series contains lava pits and is home to fire elementals. Bridges cross the lava while a room to the north gives access to a passage leading to the far side of the room, if you can find the secret doors. In Felucca, sparkles here can take you to the Abyss champ in Fire (the northern sparkle) or The Piper’s domain in Despise. The furthest south west corner is a small room with treasure chests. The treasure chamber, this is another of the rooms with no visible door.