Located south east of Daemon Temple on the Isle of Fire, Hythloth is one of the anti-virtue dungeons, as such hunting there can give virtue artifact drops. The Felucca incarnation of this dungeon is also a valid location for stealing from monsters

Hythloth is said to be an old English synonym for ‘pride’ and pride will certainly go before a fall if you are too careless in this dungeon, there are a few unexpected ‘surprises’ contained in it.

The Felucca dungeon can be the location of the champion of champions, the Harrower, when it is summoned by players and includes an entrance to the Abyssal Infernal Champion region in level three.

Level One


Enter the dungeon at the point marked with a yellow X, this is an empty area, the first monsters not being encountered until you pass through the first doors. The corridors of this level are populated by imps and hell hounds in Trammel, however there are no imps in Felucca. The first, upper, corridor terminates in a room to the south containing creatures found only in two locations in the dungeon, a group of gargoyles all having a fire area effect. These can have various names, burning, blazing, blistering, fiery, scorching, searing gargoyle. To the north of this room are barred cells and locked crates, the furthest cell has a stone pentagram, beware, this is the first of the dungeon’s surprises. Stepping on this will transport you to its pair, which is in the room with the fiery gargoyles.

A short way before the end of this upper corridor are steps leading to the lower portion of the level. This lower corridor runs North to South, at its southern end is a short corridor to the east leading to a room containing gargoyles. To the west are steps leading up to a small higher level and a second closed room with gargoyles, the top of these steps is the entry point in Felucca from the Abyssal Infernal champion spawn. Slightly before this raised area is a corridor to the west, leading to a walled, maze-like room at the far end of which is a teleporter leading to level 2

Crates, barrels, chests and kegs can be found throughout the level in the corridors, all locked and trapped for the entertainment of training thieves.

Level Two


This level begins with the second of the dungeon’s suprises. It has two entry points! You may find yourself in the corridor next to the sparkle leading back to level one, or you may be in the room immediately to the south with various types of gazer for company.

The corridors of this level are populated by hell hounds and gargoyles on both facets, with the addition of imps in Trammel. From the corridor entry point a short way to the east is a room containing two daemon and a quantity of beds. The beds block movement which makes this room something of a maze to navigate. Walking west from the corridor entry point brings you to a choice, south or west? South will take you past gargoyles in the corridor to a room containing a single elder gazer in Felucca, while in Trammel a quartet of gargoyles occupy the space. There is a second set of doors at the far side of this room, leading to a raised area and a second C shaped room; the second ‘landing’ point from level one. Gazers and gazer lava occupy both these areas, in Felucca there are less gazers, but an elder gazer replaces them.

The West choice from the initial corridor very quickly presents you with a further choice. Up the steps keeping west, or north. The steps lead to winding corridor eventually terminating in a divided room with daemons and gargoyles. There are significantly higher quantities of gargoyles in this room in Trammel

The northern route eventually leads to level three, but first you must negotiate the third, and most elaborate, of the dungeon’s surprises. At the beginning of this final corridor you will see a stone pentagram. Hidden beneath the floor of this corridor are undetectable teleporters, they will transport you back to the stone pentagram. The location of these teleporters can be seen, neatly marked out by pumpkins, in an image from this link. At the far end of this corridor a stone gargoyle guards the stairs to level three in Felucca while a pair of gargoyles fulfill that duty in Trammel.

Level Three


The staircase from level two leads to a small closed room, empty in Felucca, but home to a hell hound and an imp in Trammel. A U shaped corridor haunted, as are all the corridors on this level, by gargoyles in Trammel, takes you to an open area where resides the first of the dungeon’s Balron, alone in Felucca, but accompanied by gargoyles, gazers and gazer lavra in Trammel. A very small closed room leading off his area to the east seems harmless, but the strange tile in the center is a teleporter. It will deposit you at the far end of the long room shown to the east of the stairs, in the company of an elder gazer and several of its lesser brethren. The way back is via another teleporter, but which of the three tiles in the corner room is the right one? The answer is the one nearest the wall.

Leaving the Balron’s area to the south, up a short slope, leads to a closed room containing two daemon in Felucca, but three in Trammel, accompanied by gazers and a gazer larva. The only other thing of note in this room is the locked and trapped chests, bait for training thieves.

Exiting the Balron’s area to the west via the doors you will find a room with Daemons and gazers to the north and an uphill corridor to the south. The room at the endo of this corridor contains the steps to level four, in Felucca only the entrance to the Abyssal Infernal Champion spawn and the next of the dungeon’s surprises. Stepping on the second of the square tiles visible on the floor will take you to the disconected room you can see on the map. The staircase in this room has no exit! Return to the room you left via the floor tiles. In Felucca both these rooms contain Balron while in Trammel the trap room contains daemons, gargoyles, hell hounds and imps, the access to level four is guarded by a stone gargoyle, a pair of daemon and a gazer.

Level Four


Entering level 4 you are met by a pair of Daemon in a strange room full of pillars that interfere with line of sight, they are accompanied by an imp and a hell hound in Trammel. Leaving this room a small empty room full of crates is found to the south, while a choice of under or over the bridge confronts the traveller to the north. The corridors of this level are populated by gargoyles in Felucca, with the addition of hell hounds and imps in Trammel. There also appear to be portcullis type gates around the bridge, though no visible way of raising or lowering them.

Walking under the bridge then turning west and south passes another small room, empty in Felucca but occupied by gargoyles in Trammel, and finally terminates in a trio of rooms containing fire gargoyles of various names. In Felucca these appear to be restricted to the final room with barred doors while in Trammel they occupy two of the rooms. The North and West corridor leads to two rooms, the smaller containing gargoyles, the larger more gargoyles and a balron, a sumptuous room compared to others in the dungeon with a large table on a raised stone platform.

The final arm of this roughly star-shaped level contains one small room with hanging skeletons, gargoyles here in Trammel, and a larger room at the end which has at its center a pentagram in a cage and a strange narrow corridor at its northern edge. Stone gargoyles and a gazer were met in this room on both facets.