The Solen Hive

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A knowledge of the layout of the Solen Hive is useful to characters following the quests The Ambitious Queen Quest, The Solen Matriarch Quest or the Study of the Solen Hive Quest
There are four entrances:

solen_entry4 solen_entry2
Minoc Entrance (a route) Yew Entrance (b route)
solen_entry3 solen_entry1
Trinsic Entrance (c route) Britain Entrance (d route)


The map below shows the layout of the hive with principle points of interest marked. The key can be found below the map.

M – Solen Matriarch
N – Egg Nest
QN – Egg Nest with Queen
AQ – Ambitious Queen
B – Giant Beetle
DS – Dread Spider
S – Entrance to (and exit from) the Secret Area

Additional creatures in the hive are:

  • Solen Workers, relatively weak creatures found mostly near the entrances
  • Solen Warriors, stronger creatures which spit a corrosive acid
  • Ant Lions, found in the sandy areas, these will tunnel into the ground and emerge under your position.
  • Solen Queens, found in the two nests marked, one per nest. A queen will lay eggs when attacked which hatch into workers or warriors to defend her. Prevent them hatching by cutting them with a blade.

To navigate to the center follow the routes a, b, c or d depending on which entrance you use. From the entrance proceed to the hole marked 1 and double click it. You will emerge at the hole marked 2. Make your way from there to the hole marked 3, from which you will emerge at point 4 in the center.