Labyrinth is a city hidden in a mountain on the remote Isle of the Divide. To reach the isle a crystal on a pedestal near Umbra can be used (40.46’N 28.07’E 1723, 1160). A picture of the pedastal is inset into the map above. A return journey can be achieved through a black moongate, of which a picture is also inset into the map (57.18’N 31.42’E 1774, 972).

Stepping through the city’s gates, set into the side of the mountain, reveals the underground city, home to a race of minotaurs, their champion Meraktus the Tormented Minotaur and several Named Creatures together with cats, rats, snakes, small birds, squirrels and reptalon. A single street winds through the buildings to end finally at the home of the champion. Scattered along the street small vases and cauldrons, items for the quest ‘Knowledge of the Legendary Minotaur‘ can be found and picked up (no stealing required).