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Entry to this “tourist attraction” at the north east point of Nujelm is by ticket only. Luckily Lefty the Ticket Seller will provide one at a price of 10,000gp. Hard cash only please (mark as quest item). The ticket has a duration of 12 hours.

Descending the ladder leads to a room with crystals inhabited by wisps and a sign saying the attraction is close for repairs! The doors to the dungeon are hidden by curtains, but not locked. Negotiating the passage behind the doors is only problematical on Siege shard, where some of the occupying wisps are Dark Wisps rather than the shadow wisps found beyond the doors on other shards.

At the end of the passage are two holes, one marked with a yellow dot and one with a red dot on the map; the red marked hole leads to a single room infested with rats and ice snakes, a ladder leads back above. Walking over the other hole leads to a room of many crystals, including Prismatic Amber. An energy beam hovers over a carpet of broken crystals and no obvious exit from the room can be seen. The energy beam will transport you further, but can also throw you back to the edge of the carpet. Follow the beam until you are transported through.

Progress through the dungeon from this point on is via a series of holes and is one way, you cannot retrace your steps. Holes are marked on the map with yellow dots, blue dots indicate the landing spots and the dotted yellow lines link the two.

The first cavern beyond the energy beam puzzle is occupied by crystal daemons these are the first of the holders of the keys needed to meet the peerless, Shimmering Effusion. The next cave contains an icy river which damages you when you step close to it, occupants are crystal hydras and crystal sea serpents, both of which can provide keys for the peerless.

Ice elemental and crystal vortices are found in the following cavern, the vortices are the keyholders here. Beyond them is the home of the Crystal Lattice Seekers, another key holder, together with crystal wisps.

Two exits leave this large cavern, one is a passage leading to a small sandy area inhabited by a vagabond and an ironworker, both quest givers, a vendor mage, one or more healers and, in Felucca only, an occasional spawn of ferrets which can be tamed. Although not bonded when first tamed these creatures will accompany you out of the dungeon when using the ticket, but only as far as the dungeon entrance, they will not recall with you until bonded as normal.


If your trip through the dungeon has proved fatal, a visit to this area will be required before you can either move on to the other exit from the Lattice Seeker’s room or leave the dungeon by using the ticket.

The final cavern before the peerless is the only one from which one can return via a moongate housed in a crystal building to the west of the Lattice Seekers area and in the most south west of the suite of rooms occupied by Protectors and unfrozen mummies. The mummies are the final key holder for peerless access.

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