sanctuary-entrySanctuary is found in the mountains just off the Britain to Yew road a little north of the Brigand Camp (1.50’S 38.57’W 769, 1645). A mountain pass leads to the entrance of this very busy dungeon where numerous creatures live, not always in harmony, as this picture of the war zone shows.


A short way into the dungeon the path runs alongside some derelict buildings. You may find a narrow path through the debris, but the inhabitants appear unable to, not crossing from east to west, or indeed from west to east. Keeping to the right hand path allows the adventurer to find the entrance to the underground tunnels of the dungeon, inhabited by ratmen, liberally trapped but still safer than the above ground regions if your aim is to reach the elven quest givers in the garden at the far end or simply the far side of the upper dungeon.

One additional hole with ladder has been found on the left side of the dungeon, marked on the map below by a yellow stair and one ladder that at the far south west of the tunnels that appears to be an exit but goes nowhere.

Among these myriad inhabitants live three Named Creatures and one unpopular ratman in need of an escort out.