Publish 103 TC Release 1 & Ultima Swag Store



We are pleased to announce that Publish 103 TC Release 1 will be available for testing on Test Center as of 10/31/2018.  This is the first TC1 release of Publish 103 that brings the new Krampus Encounter, new weapons & clothes, new Ultima Store items, PvP Combat changes, Classic Client macro updates & more!  Head on over to the Publish 103 wiki page to check out the notes!  We will be hosting a public testing event all day so stop on TC1 and say hello!

In addition to the Publish 103 content being released to TC 1, the following is being released with the latest client patch and will be live on all servers beginning with Japan this evening,

Dress Macro Update

  • The action timer after the use of the Dress macro has been increase from 1 second to 1 second per item equipped.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of the Ultima Swag store where you can purchase a variety of merchandise to show off your love of Ultima Online, complete with international shipping!  You can visit the swag store by visiting the link on the homepage!

There is a mandatory client patch associated with this release so please patch up your client before accessing any shard.

See you in Britannia,

UO Team