Publish 103

TC Release 1 – 10/31/2018

Krampus Encounter

  • A special edition of the Town Cryer has chronicled the vile Krampus threatening Britannia’s trade routes!
    • This edition is available for testing at the Britain Commons
  • Trade crates have been replaced with gift boxes to prepare for the coming festival season.
  • Icy Creatures have been spotted ambushing trade routes.
  • As more trade orders are completed, larger creatures will spawn until Krampus’ minions ambush!
    • These creatures are still subject to player power matching that applies to ambushers.
  • Once Krampus minions begin ambushing trade routes, there is a chance Krampus will spawn.
    • Krampus is subject to standard trade route ambusher spawn validations.
    • Krampus cannot spawn at sea.
    • Krampus cannot spawn in the Lost Lands.
    • Krampus can only spawn when the required number of non-Moongate shortcut trade orders have been completed.  Once this requirement has been met, Krampus can spawn regardless of moongate use status.
    • Krampus can only spawn in Trammel,  except on Siege Perilous where Krampus can only spawn in Felucca .
    • Krampus’ guardians must be defeated before he can be attacked.
    • Only a single Krampus can be spawned at any given time.
    • Krampus will despawn after an extended period of inactivity.
  • Trade Orders cannot be acquired or turned in while Krampus is terrorizing a trade route, and City Trade Ministers will share Krampus’ location so those brave enough to challenge him can vanquish him and secure further trade routes.
  • A previously unknown creature called the Frost Drake is known to be attracted to Krampus, and will spawn in proximity.
  • Defeating Krampus will give a chance to all top attackers to acquire one of several rewards,
    • Whip – new weapon available across the following weapon skills with the associated special moves.
      • Bladed Whip
        • Swordsmanship
        • Bleed & Whirlwind
      • Spiked Whip
        • Fencing
        • Armor Pierce & Whirlwind
      • Barbed Whip
        • Mace Fighting
        • Concussion & Whirlwind
      • Weapon Speed: 3.25
      • Damage: 13-17
      • Range: 1
      • One Handed
      • Repairable via Tinkering
      • Can be imbued and reforged
      • Can be equipped by all races
      • Can be dyed with a leather dye tub
    • New Clothing & Jewelry Recipes craftable via Tailoring or Tinkering
      • Krampus Minion Hat
      • Krampus Minion Talons
        •  cannot be dyed
      • Krampus Minion Boots
      • Krampus Minion Earrings
        • Can be dyed with material appropriate dye tubs
    • Reward Titles
      • The Nice
      • The Naughty
      • The Punisher
    • Treasure Maps
      • Level 3-6
    • Krampus’ Coin Purse

Trade Route Spawn Updates

  • Additional spawn validations have been added to attempts made to spawn ambushers during a trade order.
  • Ambushers will no longer spawn within 25% of the total distance of the trade order from the origin or destination.  This will prevent issues where ambushers could spawn just outside city guard limits.
  • Ambushers will no longer spawn while a player is in close proximity to the last location a spawn was checked, regardless of whether that spawn was successful.


Void Pool Update

  • Void Pool records are now automatically tracked in Trammel and Felucca. The record holder information can be found outside the void pool entrance.


Combat Update

  • Magic fish pies no longer soak player vs player damage.
  • The weapon hit property splintering no longer triggers on Disarm, Infectious Strike, or Injected Strike.
    • On a successful hit, the player victim will now have immunity to the splintering bleed effect for 16 seconds. Any additional hits will still slow the victim.
  • Discordance Rework (PvP Only). There is no change in how Discordance works versus non-players.
    • Bards can now use Discordance on player targets. This rework only allows Bards to remove all item skill bonuses from a target player.
      • Discordance will last up to 4 seconds or 6 seconds if the Bard is Focused Spec on players.
      • A Bard can only discord one player target at a time.
      • Discord will also be removed when:
        • The target is dead.
        • The bard is dead.
        • The target is out of range.
        • The target is hidden.
        • The bard is hidden.

Ultima Store Items

New items coming to the Ultima Store!

  • New Hair & Beards – A variety of new hair, beard, horn, and horn beards for males and females!
  • Mystical Polymorph Totem – this totem can be combined with a single standard Halloween costume to change the user’s appearance without using an equipment slot.


Bug Fixes

  • The interior decorator will no longer allow players to increase “house only” tiles pass their height restrictions.
  • Resolved an issue with the Classic Client’s bandage macros not working with the first aid belt.
  • Bulk Order Deed Books can bow be used while locked down.
  • Resolved a server crash.


Classic Client –

  • Added options for block war on pets, party, and friendly targets.
  • Improved Hostile target list to include all valid targets.
  • Added option to block dismount on war.
  • Added option to auto open new corpses while in combat.
  • Six sound filters have been added to the client.
    • The bard filter disables all sounds of instruments.
    • The crafting filter disables all sounds of crafting. (such as anvil, smelting, imbuing, pouring)
    • Disable all Spirit Speak sounds.
    • Disable all backpack sounds.
    • The Various Animals filter disables only some animals: bear, bull, cat, chicken, cow, deer, dog, horse, pig, rat, sheep, walrus, grizzly, wolf, crane, and gaman.
    • The Various Monsters filter disables sounds from a variety of monsters.
  • Added new macro options:
    • The Record Dress macro saves all items the player has currently equipped except items in the left and right hand. Players can save as many as four different suits of equipment.
    • The Undress macro removes all items currently equipped and places those items within the players backpack.
    • The Dress macro equips all items stored within the corresponding Record Dress macro. For example, Dress -> Dress1 equips items saved in Record Dress -> Record Dress1. Item slots which are already occupied will be ignored.
    • The Record Arm macro saves items currently equipped in the left and right hands. Players can save as many as four different sets.
    • The Disarm macro removes items in the left and right hand and places them within the players backpack.
    • The Arm macro equips all items stored within the corresponding Record Arm macro. For example, Arm -> Arm1 equips items saved in Record Arm -> Record Arm1. Item slots which are already occupied will have their gear replaced.
    • The Use Object macro allows players easy access to fourteen various consumables and objects. All the option that are available are objects that players normally use by double clicking on them. When players select an option such as “cure potion” the Use Object macro will prioritize the strongest potion within the players main backpack. Objects not found within the main backpack will not be used. Additional object options will be added in future along with the option to target specific objects for generic use.
  • Updated CliLocs

Enchanced Client –

  • Updated CliLocs