Champion Spawns – Other Facets (no pvp)

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These are the locations of Champion spawns that are pvm only and involve no player v. player interaction.

The Spawns in Ilshenar

The Valor Spawn
valorspawn Just southwest of the Shrine of Valor you will find a white bridge. Cross this bridge and search for a clearing that with the overhead map looks like a crown. You will find the altar just west of this clearing, but by then you should have already run into the spawn.
This spawn always has a random one of the five “evil” monster groups.
The Humility Spawn
humilityspawn Just northeast of the Shrine of Humility you will find some ruins of a small building. A few steps east of this ruin you will find the altar. You can also find the altar by going southwest from the “Lava Vent” that can be found in the area.
This spawn always has a random one of the five “evil” monster groups.
The Spirituality Spawn
spiritspawn Coming from the Shrine of Spirituality, head northeast. The altar is located just southeast of the Twin Oaks Tavern and just southwest of a small hut in the middle of a cluster of trees.

This spawn always has the “good” Forest Lord monster group.

The Twisted Weald Spawn
Coming from the Shrine of Spirituality, head west to the entrance of the Mushroom cave. At the northern edge of the cave is a magical gate surrounded by a circle of mushrooms. This is the entrance to Twisted Weald (entrance is granted only to those who have accepted the Dreadhorn Quest). The altar is located at the southern edge of the glade.


The Spawn in the Tokuno Islands

The Isamu-Jima Spawn
tokunospawn Walk along the road north on Isamu-Jima and just after you pass the Shrine of Isamu on your right, you will enter the spawn area. The altar itself it just east of the road when you exit the small dead forest you were walking through.
This spawn is always the special “Sleeping Dragon” creature group, which can only be found at this location.

The Spawns in Malas Dungeons

The Labyrinth is found on an island floating in the sea of stars in Malas. Access to the island is gained through a crystal located on the point opposite the island on the mainland, west of Umbra. Once you enter the Labyrinth, make your way through the winding passages deep inside. There is no altar for this champion, she appears, with 4 consorts, on the upper floor of the large building.

Bedlam Crypt
Entrance to Bedlam is through the iron maiden in the Bloodletter Shop, however only those who have accepted the quest Mistaken Identity are granted entrance. Once inside Bedlam make your way to the graveyard, west of the entrance and enter the crypt.
bedlam_entrance bedlamcrypt
Labyrinth Spawn
labyrinth1 labyrinth2

The Spawn on the Island of Eodon

The Dragon Turtle Spawn
eodonspawn Follow the road North from the moongate to the first turn on the left. Cross the bridge into the Dragon Turtle’s Habitat. The altar is found in the sandy area close to the center.