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Publish 109, in the summer of 2020, saw the introduction of 26 dynamic champion spawn locations that may be activated for the duration of a global or EM event. These spawns function in the same way as the established, permanent, champion spawns with waves of increasingly difficult creatures leading to a final ‘boss’ monster, champion boss spawn scales based on player density, up to two Champions spawning per encounter.

Dynamic Champion Spawns do not drop any scrolls but instead will drop participation and top contributor rewards relevant to the story line of the event that the spawn is an integral part of.

The first of the 26 new locations was revealed during testing, the glacier in Ilshenar.

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Frost Ooze and Ice Serpents
  • Frost Spider and Snow Elemental
  • Arctic Ogre Lords and Frost Trolls
  • Ice Fiends and White Wyrms

The second location was revealed, Halloween 2020 The Black Gate Champion spawn. An Oasis amid the lava of Fire Island Volcano.

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Orcs, all types
  • Gargoyle and Ogre Lord
  • Stone Elemental and Fire Elemental (renowned)
  • Fetid Essence and Vile Mage


The third location was first active November 19th to December 19th 2020, The Forest Dark Champion Spawn. At the entrance to the Savage Clan Settlement in central Ilshenar

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Savage Warriors, male & female
  • Savage Shamans & Ridgeback Riders
  • Tangling Roots & Reapers
  • Rotting Corpses & Blood Elementals


The fourth location was activated May 2021, The Alchemist’s Abomination Champion  Spawn in the Eastern Refuge, Ter Mur.

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Evil Mages & Rabbits
  • Controllers & Golems
  • Yomotsu Elders & Yomotsu Priests
  • Yamandon & Deathwatch Beetles


The Fifth location was revealed on Test Center, Autumn 2021 in Mistas, Ilshenar

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Black Bears & Grizzly Bears
  • Stone Harpies & Greater Mongbats
  • Centaurs & Llamas
  • Dragons & Drakes


The Sixth location appeared for the Horrors of the Dark Champion Spawn, November 2021 at Fields of Echoes, Homare-Jima, Tokuno.

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Imp and Enslaved Gargoyle
  • Oni and Fan Dancer
  • Demon and Arcane Demon
  • Balron and Ravager

Location Seven gives us the venue for Spring Fever Champion Spawn March 2022, in the maze of tunnels outside dungeon Wind

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Dire Wolves and Rabbits
  • Grizzly Bears and Treefellows
  • Saliva and Vollems
  • Raging Grizzly Bears and Cu Sidhe

Locations eight and nine are in swamps, the first, used on Test Center prior to the Spring event of 2023, Counterfeit Commodities, the second used for the event itself.

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • Alligator and Bogling
  • Forest Ostard and Giant Serpent
  • Dread Spider and Mud Pie
  • Scorpion and Skree

Location 10 is the location for A Symphony of Snow & Samurai champion spawn, December 2023 in the Winter Spur area of Isamu-Jima in Tokuno

Spawn waves on this occasion were:

  • frost ooze and ice elementals
  •  frost spiders & snow elementals
  • ice fiend & frost troll
  • white wyrm & giant ice serpent