Publish 109

Publish 109

Test Center Release 1 – 7/7/2020

Test Center Release 2 – 7/10/2020

Origin, Izumo, Baja Release – 7/14/2020

World Wide Release – 7/21/2020

Dynamic Treasures Event

New dynamically created Treasures events can now be used for Global and EM events.  The Dynamic Treasures events will allow both the UO Dev Team & UO Event Moderator team to create customized Treasures events (similar to Treasures of Tokuno) without the back-end work these events traditionally require.

  • Dynamic Treasures events function just like our previous treasures events – defeat creatures to collect minor artifacts that can be turned in for rewards!
  • Dynamic Treasures creatures have a chance to spawn as Paragon.
  • Dynamic Treasures creatures will be identified with a unique item property.
  • Dynamic Treasures minor artifact drops are subject to diminishing returns when fighting the same creature.
  • Dynamic Treasures minor artifacts and trade in rewards are Shard Bound.
  • Dynamic Treasures points cannot be transferred to other shards.

Dynamic Champion Spawns

New dynamically created Champ Spawns can now be used for Global and EM events.  The Dynamic Champion spawns will allow both the UO Dev Team & UO Event Moderator team to create customized champ spawns without the back-end work these encounters traditionally require.

  • Dynamic Champ spawns function just like a normal champ spawn – defeat increasingly more difficult creatures until the Champion boss spawns to receive a reward!
  • Challenge the Champion in 26 New Champ Locations!
  • Customizable participation and top contributor rewards for each Champion Encounter.
  • Champion boss spawn scales based on player density, up to two Champions spawning per encounter.
  • Dynamic Champion Spawns do not drop any scrolls.

Dynamic Boss Mob Generator

New dynamically created boss mobs can now be used for Global and EM events.  The Dynamic Boss Mob Generator will allow both the UO Dev Team & UO Event Moderator Team to create customized boss mobs without the back end work these encounters traditionally require.

  • Expanded selection of AIs and stat options to make Boss Mob Encounters feel more exciting and dynamic.

Story Elements

A new suite of items have been developed to enhance immersion and bring your character deeper into their journeys throughout Britannia.  Story element items are Shard Bound.

  • Lore Book – Every good adventure begins with an even better story.  With 15 protagonists, 16 antagonists, and 17 locations available the possibilities for characters and setting are endless!

  • Quest Clues  –  Quest  clue items have been very popular when introduced in our past events.  We’ve revamped the display and added more options to customize these to create more immersive quest clue items.

  • Story Scroll – Sometimes a book doesn’t quite fit the mood and a quick message needs to be shown.  Story scrolls are an easy way to share information about the story.

  • Conversation Oracle – We’ve revamped the interface for interacting with NPC oracles.  Instead of dealing with the limited amount of text that could previously be barked we now display conversation text in a gump, along with beautiful new illustrations.

23rd Anniversary Gifts

Tokens can be collected at the Britain Commons for testing on TC1.

All veteran characters at least 30 days old logging in between Tuesday, September 1, 2020 12:01:00 AM GMT-04:00 and Thursday, October 1, 2020 12:01:00 AM GMT-04:00 will receive a 23rd Anniversary Gift card and token that can be redeemed for,

  • Silver Plated Lamppost
    • Randomly delivered as 1 of 4 types of lamp posts that can be turned on and off and functions as a colored light source.
  • Silver Plated Bubbling Cauldron
    • Blessed house addon deed that has a rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 7 rare hues.  Otherwise is a random common hue.
  • Silver Plated Tome
    • Can be turned in 4 directions using the Interior Decorator.
    • Randomly named as the “Tale of…” with a random nobility title and city name.
    • Rare chance to be delivered in 1 of 6 random hues.  Otherwise is a random common hue.

Huntmaster’s Challenge

New creatures have been added as prey to the Huntmaster’s Challenge!

  • Giant Toad
  • Platinum Drake

Artisan Festival Update

  • The Artisan Festival will commence from Tuesday, December 1, 2020 12:01:00 AM GMT-05:00 to Tuesday, January 5, 2021 11:59:00 PM GMT-05:00.
  • The Festival begins in Yew this year.
  • The artisan festival has been updated with a new batch of rewards for 2020!
    • stained glass windows
    • blanket
      • can be double clicked to fold and unfold
  • Rewards have been weighted making newer rewards more likely to be awarded versus legacy rewards.

Ultima Store Items

  • Decorative Guildstones
    • Available in 3 different styles – Legacy, Knight Chess Piece, and Rook Chess Piece
    • When locked down in a house a context menu option allows the house owner to update guild information on the stone.
    • When double clicked the stone will display the Guild Name, Guild Abbreviation, Guild Leader’s Name, and Guild Leader’s Title.
    • The Guild # created on the shard for the first 1000 guilds ever created on a specific shard.  For guilds created after the first 1000 on a shard, the shard the guild was created will be displayed.
    • Can be dyed with regular, pigment, natural, and promo dyes.
  • Decorative Mage’s Set
    • Each set includes 2 decorative mage thrones, 1 decorative magic book stand, 2 decorative specimen shelves, 1 decorative mage’s crystal ball, 1 decorative mage’s rug.
    • Each item can be dyed with regular, furniture, natural, and promo dyes.
    • The rug can be placed as both small and large versions.
  • Transmogrification Potion – Robe Slot
    • This potion will allow the transfer of properties from one robe slot item to another robe slot item.
    • Properties cannot be transferred to robe slot items that are imbued, have quiver-esque magical properties, or have any existing magical properties.
  • Vanity Mount – Capybara
  • Mini Castle & Keep Deeds
    • Robin’s Nest
    • The Spires

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Endless Journey players that have been dead for over 30 minutes in-game will be teleported to safe locations based on the facet.
  • Endless Journey accounts no longer receive Mininova wands in their banks.
  • Removed the cancel context menu option from Vendor Search.
  • Fixed server crash.

Client Updates

  • Resolved Classic client issue which prevented the use of any of the gargoyle flight paths.
  • QoL Classic Client: Tab key now cycles text entry boxes in all generic gumps.


TC Release 2

  • Shoulder parrots no longer lose flight functionality when using a transmogrification potion.
  • Resolved issue where some properties would not be properly transferred between source and destination objects when using a transmogrification potion.