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Worrying news has reached the town crier recently

Investigators have indeed discovered the wreck of the infamous admiral’s ship

Beside the ship are the frozen crew and their pumpkin-headed leader, also a white book is just visible, though the text is hard to read.

Forensic evaluation of the Admiral reveals he is wearing an amulet.  A strangely familiar amulet? Perhaps if you were to wear a similar amulet and re-examine the book?  Two locations are gleaned here by those who can read it, one obvious and, one less so, for later.

Shamino stands poised on the edge of the well of souls, heed well what he tells you, a king, a gift, and time. Learn also from the ghosts that appear for a brief period. He has told you when to look for them they will help you know where to go, who to speak to and what to do there.

This familiar old friend will help you on your way

Information from the ghost now comes into play, both figuratively and actually. You may need to do a little shopping to allow you to make use of what you have just received. There is an item you need, but a tinker will sell it to you, though the item will be changed by its use and you may prefer to use one with a maker’s mark, or even one with a name that is fitting to the tale.

Time now to put together Sherry’s information with that from the book, Sherry has told you the facet, the book hints at the entrance you must begin your search from.

Remember now Shamino’s tale, enter when the time is right, find the right place and use the item you purchased. Entrance to the well of souls is at hand.

Who is responsible for this corruption of the Chamber of Virtues? Hawkwind has the answer.

(with grateful thanks to Violet for her invaluable help)

Shrine Battles

Use the information provided by Hawkwind to lure the armies into view. Masters & their Henchman will appear.  As you battle you will earn a virtue title from the shrine where you battle most. There is also a chance these Masters will drop collectable “Fellowship” minor artifacts with a unique hue.

Hawkwind also speaks of the rewards for your efforts, and how to obtain them. These rewards are:

  • Tabard of Virtue
    • Can be equipped by all races
    • Using an existing Hawkwind’s Robe, the Tabard can be infused with the properties of the Hawkwind’s Robe
      • Hawkwind’s Robe will be destroyed in the process
      • Blessed status will be retained or need to be removed as indicated by system messaging
  • Cloak of the Virtuous
    • Can be equipped by humans and elves only

Players can remove their shrine battle virtue title by speaking “I renounce virtue” at the Chaos Shrine. The title can be redeemed by placing a “mysterious fragment” at any shrine.

Finally a word about those mysterious fragments, by now not so mysterious, and with the need to act becoming more vital, their distribution in treasure chests has become more generous.