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Deep in the hold of the Ararat hides a Shadowlord, trapped there by Captain Johne. Fighting this individual is not easy, gathering the keys can be done solo, fighting the shadowlord cannot. You are advised to include in your inventory a small piece of blackrock.
ararat-paralithodeThe seabed around the wreck is home to diabolical seaweed and water elementals. Hidden in the sand surrounding the wreck are the crab-like paralithode. These can be subjugated and then tamed to provide a temporary pet, a boon to tamers who’s pets are unable to follow them into the depths. Paralithodes cannot leave their underwater home and so cannot be bonded. They require two follower slots have around 900 hp, 300+ strength, are melle fighters, do base damage of 20 -24 and eat fruit and veg.


Entrance to the wreck itself is through a hole in the starboard (right) side, entering this hole you will find the final journal entry of Captain Johne, other entries can be found throughout this level of the ship. This most significant entry reads as follows:

Captain’ Log
What have I done… what… I cannot… these vile creatures… I have managed to lock them away within the central cargo hold and I have desetroyed the winch assembly needed to remove the cargo hold’s cover. I can only hope my efforts to lock away the repair parts will deter any foolish enough to start smashing the supply barrels in an attempt to recover the locker keys.. They’re all gone now… it is only I now, forever damned to this watery grave….


You may have guessed, the winch parts are the peerless keys which you must find for this encounter. There are 4 rooms around you, each with a locker in the center containing the part you need and each surrounded by barrels. The key to the locker is in one of the barrels. You must smash the barrels to find the bright yellow key; however the key has a four minute timer, so it is desirable to clear the route to the locker first! The locker is also surrounded by indestructible metal kegs.

Only one small corner is left to allow access. If the key is found in one of the barrels approaching the locker the race is on to find and clear the access corner before the key expires! Of course it may also be in the very last keg in the room (yes, it was!). To smash the kegs cast damage spells, attack with melee skills or tell your summoned pet or paralithode to ‘kill’ it.

The barrels are not without their hazards, some explode throwing debris over you, some are toxic, poisoning you, some contain creatures. Ship bats, ship rats and sea snakes may spring out of the barrels to attack you. There also occasional rewards to be found, small collections of gems or copper wire for example.

The two rooms to the right of the entrance hole (fore) are the easiest to clear. The two to the left (aft) have the additional hazard of lich coming from the room beyond to interrupt your search.

Eventually your persistance will be rewarded and you will obtain the four winch parts, the power core, flywheel, wire spool and bearing assembly. They have a five hour timer.


Make your way now to the bow of the ship where you will find a rope ladder to the deck (double click). You might wish to leave any paralithodes below till the hold has been opened, there are two hydra on deck who will hinder your efforts and may kill the pets while you’re attempting to fix the winch.

There are three holds, you will find the winch at the second one. Drag and drop your winch parts, when all have been added, pull the lever beside the winch to open the hold.

Gather your party (don’t try this alone!) and descend into the hold. You will find one of the three shadowlords there alone. He won’t be alone for long. Dark wisps are summoned to protect him! Dark wisps are protected by psychic barrier that can be penetrated by having a small piece of blackrock inside your backpack. Exit from the hold is by rope ladder found in the port, aft area of the hold (back left).


Artifact drops available from this encounter can be found in the artifacts listings