Corgul the Soulbinder

Corgul the Soulbinder resides with his host of soulbound minions on a hidden, floating island which surfaces for brief intervals and can only by found by acquiring a specially marked map. This is not considered to be a solo venture, a crew of adventurers is recommended.

You will need one treasure map, in any condition (tattered or completed) and one world map (player written or bought from an npc mapmaker). Take these items to Covetous, level 2 where you will find an altar.

Double clicking the altar gives a targeting cursor and the following message.

Your offering will be consumed by the altar if the sacrifice is accepted. You will then have 30 seconds to re-use the shrine to mark your map and pay the blood cost.

The ‘blood cost’ reduces your hit points to 1! However sacrificing the maps can be done whilst hidden, you will not be revealed. Target the treasure map.

Your offering has been accepted. The price of blood will be taken when your “world map” is marked with the secret location.

Double click the altar once more and target the world map

map of the world will expire in 10588 seconds!
The island’s location has been marked on your map. You should make haste while the island is still afloat.

Make haste indeed, but not so much that you become revealed until you regain some health!


Although in a separate area, like a peerless, this encounter is not ‘instanced’ and is accessible to others who have sacrificed a map. Gather your party aboard your boat and navigate to the map location. Or give the map to the tillerman and tell him ‘start’.

On reaching the location your ship will be transported to the sea surrounding The Island of Corgul the Soulbinder. The island has a significant population of soulbound. Here are just a few of them pictured.

corgul_island corgul_souls