Haven Mine

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Haven mine is found in the mountains south of Haven moongate, marked on the map far left. This simple, sparsely populated dungeon is a first step for the newer character to follow on from the new player quests in Old Haven. (The sign on the wall warns that you enter at your own risk!)

The first, outer, level of the mine contains a broken train track. The track can not be walked on and blocks movement, use the breaks in the track to move from one side of the tracks to the other. This level is populated by earth elementals, they can hit quite hard for a newer character, especially if he does not yet have optimal armor. If in doubt stay near the entrance so that you may retreat to heal if necessary.


At the far side of the mine from the entrance is a hole leading to the central area, accessed by double clicking on the rope by the hole. Two more ropes are found on the ground as you enter the central area, these are the way back to level 1.

havenmine-rope havenmine-rope-out

Inhabitants in this region are lizardmen and ogre lords. Ogre lords hit rather hard and are not recommended antagonists for players below GM skill level.

It is possible to exit the dungeon from any point by use of the recall spell.