Stygian Abyss Peerless Access

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Medusa | Stygian Dragon

To face these two formidable foes you must first gain access to the Stygian Abyss. There are two entry quests, Garamon’s Quest or Naxatilor’s Quest . You may only undertake one of these, if you undertake Naxatilor’s Quest you will be unable to do Garamon’s Quest and vice versa.


The closest entrance to Medusa’s Lair is that from Underworld, shown in yellow on the map. On some shards abyss access is available by house teleporter through the Abyss House, this is shown on the map in orange.



The area leading to her lair is rife with myriad serpents of all types. These can be charmed with a special snake charming flutesnakecharmer-flute into helping you unearth the four rare serpents eggs which are the keys you will need to gain access.

The eggs are found in nests on the ground, use the flute, target a nearby serpent and then a nest to command it to search for you.

It is possible to obtain the eggs by double clicking on the nests, but you will often get the message that you can not reach, the nest is too deep.

Once you have 4 of the brightly coloured eggs rare_serpents_egg take them to the altar and place them on it. This is done by double clicking the bowls on the altar and targeting the egg.

When all 4 eggs are in place a gate will open allowing access to the lair.



Medusa awaits you. Beware her petrified creatures. In addition to possible artifact drops Medusa’s corpse may also contain the crafting resource ‘Medusa Blood’. Targeting Medusa with a sharp blade may also scrape from her skin Medusa Scales used in the creation of Gorgon Lenses. These can be applied to various armor pieces to protect against the summoning of ‘evil’ copies of yourself.



Stygian Dragon

The Stygian Dragon resides at the opposite end of the Abyss, the closest entrance therefore is that from the Tomb of Kings, shown in yellow on the map. On some shards there is access by house teleporter to the Abyss House, this is shown in orange on the map.


Immediately before his palatial home is the mini-champ spawn, these creatures hold the draconic orbs Draconic_orb that are the keys to entering his sanctum.

  • Fairy Dragon
  • Wyvern
  • Forgotten Servant
  • Wyvern (renowned)

When you have four orbs mount the stairs and find the altar at the rear of the palace. Place the orbs in the bowls by double clicking the bowl and targeting the orb. A gate will open in the center of the altar allowing access.


Your host awaits. Beware, you may be on the menu.