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There are two entry quests for the Stygian Abyss, Garamon’s Quest beginning in Underworld or Naxatilor’s Quest beginning in Ter Mur. You may only undertake one of these, if you undertake Naxatilor’s Quest you will be unable to do Garamon’s Quest and vice versa.

The entrance to Underworld is found on a beach in the far north of Fire Island overshadowed by a recently formed volcano.

underworldentry underworldentrance

As you walk down the corridor from the entrance you find someone standing at the end, this is Garamon, he addresses you as you approach


Here now begins your quest. As you proceed Garamon will gradually give you more of the information you need to make progress. Below is a table with the key words and clues in the order you will need them.

Key Word Garamon’s answer
Hello Have a nice day!
Abyss Its entrance is protected by stone guardians who will only grant passage to the carrier of a Tripartite Key.
Stone guardian They will not let you enter the Abyss unless you can present a Tripartite Key
Key Its three parts you must find and reunite as one
Parts Two can be found hidden in secret rooms within the Underworld. The third you must take from a shadow of evil.
Secret He who pays close attention to the walls may notice something unusual.

At this point, in theory, you should proceed into the dungeon studying the walls until you make a discovery. Routes you will need are marked on a map here, should you need it.

The vines on this wall are magic!


What will Garamon tell you about them if you return and ask him? (or perhaps you just read on and haven’t left him yet?)

Vines Aaah yes! Tricky things they are. Try to find something that could burn through them.
Burn I can tell you right away it’s not fire based. Surely something within the dungeon will yield what you need.
Shadow of evil A most foul traitor. Once you have the first two parts, challenge him for the third! He dwells beyond the void in the Shrine.
Shrine Find your way there through the dungeon. You must use a teleporter to reach it.
Teleporter You will find many within the dungeon. They will facilitate your travels.

What burns other than fire? Acid? You will find acid slugs a little further west, kill them until you have at least 2 acid sacs from their loot. Watch your health, and if in danger climb the steps out of their reach while you heal.


Standing next to the wall, click on an acid sac and target the vine. After the vine has burned away, click on the exposed wall to open a secret passageway. Walk down the secret passage.


Inside the secret room, read the journal. Then click on the switch on the wall. When the globe has risen sufficiently, click on the exposed key to make a copy. Notice the timer on the key. Return to the room with the vines on the wall.

A journal

Today I have hope again. It has been too many days since my brother Tyball and I inadvertently released the Slasher of Veils in this world. How could we have known our research in planar travel would have such dire consequences?”But we have devised a plan. We completed the construction of a Chamber of Virtue. Tonight I will lure the Slasher of Veils inside it so its virtuous energies may weaken the beast. Tyball will lock us in while I open a rip back to the Slasher’s own plane and lead him through. A portal already awaits me in that foul place which will lead me back here to safety.

If all goes according to plan, we will have undone the wrong we brought onto Britannia. We will have redeemed ourselves. May the Virtues give us strength.

Time to go a little deeper into the dungeon, using the teleporters that Garomon referred to. The first is found in the room of undead, the most northerly alcove on the far side of the room.

garamon-sparkle garamon-gplair

Follow the path marked on this map to the room north of your entry point where you will find another wall covered by a vine, go carefully, this area is the home of the greater poison elemental who is usually found near the pool shown bottom right. Burn the vine with an acid sac and enter the secret room. Read the journal, click the the switch and make a copy of the key by clicking on it.


A journal

He speaks to me…. I can hear him. The beast… He knows of our plan. But how?

Such wonders, such powers, and such wealth he promises. But at what cost? That it could ask me to sacrifice my beloved brother. I cannot. I will not. No knowledge, no greatness could warrant such infamy.

But the seed of a doubt is gnawing at me. Did the Slasher make the same offer to my brother? Is he playing us against the other? Would Garamon even entertain the thought? No, not my virtuous brother. If he did, I would need to strike first. Only to protect myself, of course.

I must banish the doubts from my mind. They are like poison. We cannot let this fiend divide us.

The next sparkle, your exit point, is found at the opposite end of the corridor you’re now in, much closer to the greater poison elemental’s location, so proceed with care. This sparkle portal will take you to the eastern side of Underworld

garamon-sparkle2 garamon-sparkle3

Turn south along the corridor and then to the west until you reach an area filled with crumbling walls. Carefully cross the ruins to get to the large room shaped like an ankh. This room may contain a Water Elemental and Tangling Roots. If you fall off, start over at the short block at the bottom of the room. Some players return to kill Tyball’s shade many times, this maze is unsafe after the quest is completed, to reach the room you must teleport, staying away from the crumbling edges.


Walk into the room until you find a red moongate, this gate will teleport you to yet another secret area.


Kill the Shade of Tyball, then click on both of the keys you already have to receive the triumvirate key.
You may also find a special robe in the loot, the Shroud of the Condemned. Shroud of the CondemnedThis robe is the reason some players return.


You can now enter the Abyss, return to Garamon and find the secret door in the wall on his right. This path is marked in white on the map linked above.