Egwexem and Naxatilor’s Quests

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These quests allow entry to the Stygian Abyss but will not be offered to characters that have completed Garamon’s quest.

Egwexem is found on the steps at the entrance to Royal City, not far from the town moongate.

egwexem rumors


Make your way to the far south end of the land and find Naxatilor the Seer in one of the buildings in the Holy City.


There is no need to mark the writ as a quest item, double clicking him will open the quest dialogue and recognise the item. You could, at this point, return to Egwexem for your reward, but since the only reward is ‘knowing you did the right thing’ you might forego that journey.

Nazatilor’s quest, The Arison, is an alternate quest to that of Garamon, allowing entry to the Abyss by all character types. The quest reward is a Necklace of Diligence diligence


 We need your assistance with a matter that is most grave. To the north, from within the Tomb of Kings, the Arisen are emerging each night to attack the Holy City.Shortly after we unsealed the entrance to the Abyss, found in the depths of the Tomb, strange happenings began to occur. At first, there were only a few reports of strange noises coming from the Tomb of Kings late at night. Investigating the Tomb during the daytime uncovered nothing unusual, so we sent someone to seek out the source of these noises one night. When morning came and he had not returned, we knew something was amiss.

We sent word to the Royal City asking for help, but the following night, unspeakable evil erupted from the entrance to the Tomb! A defense of the city was quickly marshalled, but the Arisen proved to be quite powerful. Unfortunately, they are also persistent, as every night since then, this city, the original birthplace of our people, has faced wave after wave of Arisen. We know not the cause of the attacks, nor the source, as investigations by daylight yield little. We have been hard pressed just to defend the Elders here, much less push the Arisen back into the Tomb.

We could use your help in this! Either help defend the Holy City at night, or enter the Tomb of Kings itself and seek out the Arisen at their source. It is your choice to make, as you know your own abilities best. If you decide to enter the Tomb of Kings, you’ll need to speak the words “ord” and “an-ord” to pass the Serpent’s Breath.

Succeed in this task, and I shall reward you well.

To complete this task you have a choice,

  • kill 10 effete undead gargoyles
  • OR 10 effete putrid gargoyles
  • OR 10 gargoyle shades

The first two of these spawn only during the night, the third is found inside the Tomb of Kings at any time, so is probably the easier alternative to complete the quest.

You will need to heed Naxatilor’s advice to pass the Serpent’s Breath that blocks your entrance deeper into the Tomb.

ord an_ord

You cannot exit the tomb by the way you came in. Make your way past the passages to either side till you reach the blue room at the far end. On the left (west) side you will find a sparkle. Step into the sparkle to return to the tomb’s entrance.


After you’ve killed a sufficient number of quest creatures, return to Naxatilor and claim your reward.


You have proven yourself both brave and worthy! Know that you have both our gratitude and our blessing to enter the Abyss, if you so wish. All who wish to enter must seek out the Shrine of Singularity to the North for further meditation. Only those found to be on the Sacred Quest will be allowed to enter the Abyss. I would advise that you seek out some of the ancient texts in the Holy City Museum, which you can find to the south, so that you might focus better while meditating at the Shrine. As promised, here is your reward.

To the south of Naxatilor’s building at the end of the road that runs north and south through the Holy City, you will find a large museum. Inside to the west is a room that contains two books. The first book simply tells you the Singularity Shrine Mantra (“unorus”). The second book is titled “Book of Circles” and its author is unknown.

You must now find the Shrine of Singularity. If you are using a gargoyle character, you will find a “flight path” to the right of the entrance to the Tomb of Kings that will lead you to the rock-enclosed Shrine of Singularity. If you are using a human or elf character, you will need to access the Shrine by walking along the icy surface of the rocks. You will also need to teleport down onto the grass. (Bring teleport spell scrolls along if you’re using a non-mage character.)

flight tel_in

Once you reach the shrine, say the mantra.


A gump will appear asking you if you are ready for La Insep Om. Click the Accept button to proceed. You will then be presented with a few multiple choice questions to answer regarding the information included in the Book of Circles. If you answer correctly, the quest gump will tell you, “You don’t understand how you know, but you are absolutely certain that the guardians will no longer bar you from entering the Stygian Abyss. It seems you have proven yourself worthy of La Insep Om.”

Caution: If you answer a question incorrectly you must wait 24 hours before you may try again.

Walk to the west side of the enclosure to find a snowy slope up onto the mountain side from which you can teleport down on to the grass below and circle back round to the tomb entrance. Gargoyles may obviously return over the flight path.

When you reach the guardians at the end of the tomb they will now open the path, that you may enter the Abyss.