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Dying in Ilshenar is decidely inconvenient, the almost complete absence of wandering healers make the task of resurrection problematical. There is, of course, an ankh at each of the facet’s moongates, but there are also several other options for those who know where to look. Each of these options are marked in blue on the Ilshenar Locations map, but how will you recognise them when you find them?


An oddly colored flowstone surrounded by glowing runes is found between Humility and Honor gates and close to one of the entrances to Ankh dungeon. 58.58N 51.19W


Fountain of Life

Guarding a second entrance to Ankh an abandoned building close up against a mountain houses the Fountain of Life. 42.42N 52.27W

Shrine of the Virtues

Found at the northern end of Central Ilshenar, this shrine is surrounded by gargoyle statues on pillars. 106.57N 15.19W


Healer’s Grove

The one place in the whole of Ilshenar where wandering healers may be found, circling diligently around a ruined well and accompanied by a herd of deer. 58.26N 16.10W

Tree of Life

Situated just beyond the entrance to Kirin Passage this tree sparkles with life giving energy 17.03N 66.30W


Healer Huts

Finally, spreading out from Valor Moongate Three healers can be found in thatched roof huts. The first is south west of the gate at 116.00N 45.00W, the second is on the banks of the river just beyond Terort Skitas, otherwise known as ‘Sorcerer’s dungeon’ at 96.03N 53.22W and the third is in an enclosed valley West of Valor Champion Spawn at 95.26N 72.50W

Oasis Ankh

A later addition is an Ankh at the desert oasis, east of the old Gargoyle city, Ver Lor Reg, which is now occupied by Exodus and south of Vocanic Lair at 87.16N 23.16W


Ethereal Warriors


ilsh-etherealwarriorClose by Lakeshire village, in the middle of the lake, live the Ethereal Warriors. These too will give succour, if you can reach them, and if you meet their high standards. The less than virtuous, having negative karma, will find no help from them, and should such a person reach them alive, they will attack.