Daily Rares

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These are semi-rare items which spawn each day at server up. They are often found listed with stealable items, but this is misleading as stealing skill is not required to obtain them, merely to be first to reach them after the server’s daily maintenence.

Felucca and Trammel

Buccaneer’s Den Rocksbucsrocks

Buccaneer’s Den Empty Basket (eat the fruit)buccsbasket

Yew Farm Fruit Basketfruitbasket

Papua Rockpapuarock

Closed Barrel Deceit level 1barrel1

Closed Barrel Deceit level 2barrel2

Tall Candle Covetous level 3 tallcandle

Felucca Only

Ocllo Full Jarsocllojars

Khaldun Haykhaldunhay


Kirin Passage Broken Chairkirinbrokenchair


meat piemeatpie

Sea Market

Seaweed seaweed_location