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Dying in these areas can be a little problematical, resurrection points are few and far between.


Just inside the entrance of Underworld from Fire Island Volcano is a memorial stone. This functions as an ankh allowing you to lock karma, resurrect and tithe gold.

Beyond this entrance you may find this map of Underworld useful

resurrection_font At the Northern edge of Underworld, beyond the gray goblins, is the Font of Fortune. This too offers succor to the fallen adventurer, though only at 10 minute intervals, don’t die a second time! It does not, however, offer the chance to tithe or lock karma.

Stygian Abyss.

Far to the North West of the entrance from Underworld is the secret
garden, and at its heart the silver sapling. This magical tree functions
as an ankh, offering the opportunity to lock karma, resurrect and tithe gold. This location can be seen in more detail on the Abyss West map.
Double clicking the tree also supplies, once per day, a seed. Planting
this seed anywhere in the Abyss creates a resurrection point.resurrection_seed1On death you will be offered the opportunity of being resurrected and
transported to this point, along with your corpse containing all your
belongings. Double click your corpse to loot it. Each seed only works once.

resurrection_seed3 resurrection_seed4



Further resurrection points are offered at the two champion spawn areas, each having its own ankh. Both ankhs are to the far West of the champion area.

However this choice is not without risk if the champion spawn is active.
For more details of entrances and exits to these areas see this page


infernal_ankh primeval_ankh


Each of the peerless areas, Medusa and Stygian Dragon also have an ankh, however that is only accesible to characters who have used the keys and entered the closed area.

Other considerations

Sacrifice virtue, Gem of Salvation and Gift of Life spell can also be of great use.

In Holy City (nightly undead spawn permitting) resurrection is offered by the healer.


Finally, if all else fails, it is possible to run from Cavern of the Discarded to the healer in the Royal City and back before your corpse decays.