Stone Walls & Craftable Doors

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Introduced with the Time of Legends expansion some building features became craftable, this page will explore some of the possibilities opened up and some of the restrictions and pitfalls.

Craftable items include:

  • Stone floor tiles, stairs, walls and doors, these are crafted by a carpenter and listed on the page Stone Crafting.
  • Metal doors and sign hangers, these are crafted by a tinker and listed on the page Tinkered Craftables under the ‘miscellaneous’ section
  • Wooden sign hangers, these are crafted by a carpenter and listed on the page Carpentry Craftables under the ‘other’ section


While the principal use of these items is to enhance and give some individuality to classic houses, particularly keeps and castles, most can be used to good effect in customized houses too. Restrictions you need to be aware of are:

  • Doors cannot be used in a custom house – there is already an extensive selection of doors available from the custom menu
  • While it is possible to add one, or sometimes 2 floors to a castle or keep height restrictions apply, use a sextant to ascertain the ‘z’ axis of the floor you are hoping to build, the limit is believed to be approximately 70. Pieces that exceed the limit will be removed to the house’s moving crate at the following server maintenance.
  • You cannot put crafted pieces into a pack animal or un-secured bag on the floor – such pieces will bounce into your back pack, any that exceed your pack limit will disappear
  • Crafted walls, stairs, doors etc can be used to add to classic buildings, but no part of the existing building can be removed.

Building Hints

  • Crafted doors used in an existing opening can allow you to restrict access to some areas by use of the security setting.
  • Crafted stairs can be used to create a stairway to a keep or castle roof
  • Crafted floor tiles can be raised to add extra floor levels
  • Crafted stairs and floor tiles can be used to create a platform or stage in a building (floor tiles must be one click lower than the top of the stairs to allow headroom. Stone blocks are too high).
  • Custom menu ‘front steps’ selection contains square blocks. These blocks can be built on to create decorative effects or even an external staircase
  • Items crafted in ‘special’ material, ie dull copper or higher granite, can be dyed with plant stains or special dyes such as Pigments of Tokuno

Raising floor tiles can be tedious, a simple macro can help. Double click your decorator tool and target the tile you want to raise, then use the macro as shown:

You will receive a message that you can not raise the tile any higher. At this point you must raise your character, either by ascending to the next floor of the house or by climbing stairs or a ladder. You will then be able to raise the tile to the height you require, keeping in mind the z axis ceiling restriction mentioned above.


1. A keep, showing doors closing an opening, stone walls closing the opening of the corner tower at the bottom of the picture, a stairway to the roof. The upper section of the stair showing roof access is in the inset in the red box.

2. Crafted sign hangers, whether tinkered or carpentered work well with signs earned by Trader Quests, but they can also be used for hanging flower baskets.

3. A raised platform created from stair pieces and floor tiles, note the tiles are slightly below the top edge of the stair. While this is not essential on the keep roof as shown, it is necessary on an internal stage, where ceilings are above.

building-keep building-hangers building-circle

4. A custom house showing dyed crafted stone used to create an impressive entrance.

5. Two examples of an outside staircase on a small custom house.

building-front building-outsidestair