Repairing Weapons and Armor

The general rule on repairing is basically, if you can make it, you can repair it. This means, a smith can repair all metal armor and weapons (except those made by a tinker), a tailor can repair leather and cloth armor, a fletcher can repair bows, a carpenter all wooden weapons, shields and armor (except nunchaku) and a tinker can repair such items as cleavers, butcher knives, nunchaku and jewelry. In addition a tinker can repair glasses and mana phasing orbs, even though they can’t be crafted.
If unsuccessful, the item you are trying to repair will lose one point of its maximum durability rating. This one point loss will be incurred each time you fail a repair.

If successful, you will repair the item. The degree of repair is dependent on your crafting skill. Even if you successfully repair the item, there is a chance it will lose one point of maximum durability, depending on the amount of damage repaired and your skill. The lower your skill or the higher amount of damage that needs to be repaired, the greater the chance the item will lose durability.

Healing Golems

Healing a golem is in actual fact a repair and is done using the tinkering skill. The golem must be within 2 tiles of your location and you must have tinker tools and ingots in your backpack. Double-click on the tinker tools, choose the “Repair” option from the menu, and target the golem. Ingots in your backpack will be consumed.

Repair Service Contracts

Not all crafters will wish to be on call just when a warrior or mage needs them. Not all mages and warriors will be willing to trust their precious suit or weapon to an unknown crafter. The answer to this quandry is the Repair Service Contract, usually referred to as ‘repair deeds’. These deeds are created by the crafter and can be sold on a player vendor. Here’s how they work:

For the Crafter

  • repair-deedThe contract is labelled as “a repair service contract from a [level] [craftsman],” where [level] is the skill level title of the crafter which has created the contract (i.e. apprentice, journeyman, expert, adept, master, grandmaster, elder or legendary as appropriate) Contracts can not be created below apprentice level, ie 50 skill points.
  • Craftspersons that are able to create repair contracts are: Alchemists (glassblowing tool), Blacksmiths, Carpenters (wood or stonecrafting), Fletchers, Tailors and Tinkers.
  • To create a repair contract you will need blank scrolls and, of course, your crafting
    1. Double click the tool to open the crafting menu
    2. Choose the “Repair” option from the menu
    3. Target a blank scroll.
    4. Sell the contract on your player vendor.

For the Customer

  • Use Vendor Search to find a player vendor selling the item
  • The contract is “blessed”, which means it cannot be stolen, and stays with you when you die.
  • Take the contract and item to be repaired to an NPC shop of the correct skill type. Use the contract, as follows:
    1. While standing in the NPC shop, double-click the repair service contract.
    2. Target the item to be repaired.
    3. The used repair service contract will disappear after use.
  • Repair deeds have a substantially higher chance of loss of a durability point on a success, as compared to a crafter doing the repairs directly.