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There are a small number of potions that owe nothing to the alchemist’s art and can not be crafted. These are:

    • exploding-tarExploding Tar Potion. Obtained from Gretchen the Alchemist on completion of her ‘curiosities’ quest. Unlike the majority of the quests given by the Underworld NPCs this one is repeatable. The potion is also one of the ‘rare potions’ available from the barrel sponge which is part of the Kings Collection. The potion slows movement with a ‘forced walk’ effect. Obviously it doesn’t slow creatures that travel at walking speed normally.
    • shatter Shatter Potion. One of two potions that first appeared as a quest reward during the Bane Chosen event. Characters with over 5000 loyalty points to the ophidians can purchase these from the two Ophidian merchants in the Ophidian Lair. Loyalty points can be gained by killing Terathans. This is another of the rare potions available from the barrel sponge. Used in player versus player conflicts the potion will shatter a number of potions in the back pack of the target. The potion is consumed whether the target is carrying potions or not and may even miss the target, throwing range is 8 tiles. The target is provided 60 seconds of PvP immunity once hit
      Users of the shatter pots will be unable to hide for 6 seconds. There is also a chance for the number of potions shattered to be reduced.
    • fear-essenceFear Essence. The second potion from the Ophidian merchants, also from the barrel sponge. This potion has the affect of a stun blow, at a distance. The effect is broken when the target takes damage and can be resisted. There is a one minute cooldown.


  • greater-staminaGreater Stamina Potion. One of four potions available to players participating in Virtue Vs Vice, bought from the silver vendor at a cost of 500 silver for a keg of 10 potions. Restores 100-125 stamina over the course of 10 seconds. No other potions can be consumed during this time.
  • anti-paralysisAnti Paralysis Potion. The second of the four VVV potions bought from the silver vendor at a cost of 500 silver for a keg of 10 potions. Empty bottles are not needed and potions removed can not be returned to the keg. Removes the effects of paralysis but halves current stamina.
  • supernovaSupernova Potion. Third of the VVV potions, this causes fire damage to enemies within a 5 tile radius, can be used once every 2 minutes
  • statloss-removalStatloss Removal Potion. Last of the VVV potions, this potion removes the effects of stat loss but can only be used once every 20 minutes. Stat loss in VVV lasts 5 minutes.
  • Transmogrification Potions. Bought from Ultima Store at a cost of 700 sovereigns these potions allow you to transfer the properties from one specific slot item to another fitting the same slot Use the “Set Source Object” to set the object you want to transfer the properties FROM. Use the “Set Destination Object” to set the object you wish to transfer the properties TO. The destination object must be free of all magical properties and, if armor, of the same designation, either medable or non-medable, armor. The destination object will retain its hue after transfer. If the source object has a unique name then it will be transferred to the destination object. Blessed status is retained. The process is final and cannot be undone. The resulting item cannot be imbued, reforged, or enhanced. Refinements can not be applied to transmogrified items