Contest Winning Castles

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Contest Winners – Publish 101

The Gothic Rose Castle, Designed by Dot Warner

Full Price: 44,808,750


The Castle of Oceania, Designed by Don Quan

Full Price: 48,971,250


The Elsa Castle, Designed by Queen Elsa

Full Price: 45,450,000


The Spires, Designed by MissEcho

Full Price: 47,025,000


The Feudal Castle, Designed by Analaya

Full Price: 27,337,500



Contest Winners – Publish 104

Robin’s Roost, Designed By  Robin

Full Price: 43,863,750


Camelot Designed By CaMeLoT

Full Price: 47,092,500

Lacrimae In Caelo Designed By Tears In Heaven

Full Price: 45,315,000

Okinawa-Sweet-Dream-Castle Designed By Taka

Full Price: 40,128,750


Grimswind Sisters Designed By Sis Draper

Full Price: 42,142,500


The Sandstone Castle Designed By Lex Anteris

Full Price: 48,690,000


Contest Winners – Publish 106

The Sorcerer’s Castle Designed by Oasis

Full Price: 40,927,500


The Castle Cascade Designed by Imbri Malifica

Full Price: 48,217,500


The House Built on the Ruins Designed by Wendy

Full Price: 42,255,000


The Sandstone Fortress of Grand Cross Designed by Grand Bishop

Full Price: 48,498,750


The Dragonstone Castle Designed by Bree

Full Price: 39,588,750


The Terrace Gardens Designed by Violet

Full Price: 46,136,250

Contest Winners – Publish 112

The Heorot, Designed by Is’Madin

Full Price: 33,761,250

The Township, Designed by Christmas Magic

Full Price: 41,332,500

The Castle of Resistance, Designed by Jamie

Full Price: 45,697,500