Halloween – Treasures of Khaldun (Autumn 2018)

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Halloween approaches, Khaldun, a remote dungeon in Lost Lands has been taken over by hostile forces.

Following a similar formula to the three previous Halloween Events, Treasure of Sorcerer’s Dungeon, Treasures of Doom and Treasures of the Kotl City, an artifact trader has stationed himself outside the dungeon. In addition to trading Artifacts of the Cult, this kindly scientist will tithe gold for adventuring chivalrous knights, lock karma and restore life to distressed ghosts but before you can reach him, you will need  an official credential  as a member of the RBG Detective Branch obtained from the Going Gumshoe quest.


Immense power surges through the creatures in Khaldun! From whence it came remains to be discovered, but a means to combat this power has been found!

Normal weapons, spellbooks and musical instruments have no effect against this power, leave all your regular items at home. Only those crafted from materials infused with Caddelite have any effect.

Caddellite Crafting

Caddellite raw materials can be harvested thoughout The Lost Lands with special Caddellite infused harvesting tools sold by an NPC vendor outside Khaldun.

Caddellite raw materials can be obtained via mining, lumberjacking and fishing.

There is a chance to recover a rough meteorite while harvesting. Rough meteorites have a chance to be refined into one of several styles of polished meteorites using an oil cloth.


Caddellite Crafting can only be performed at the Khaldun Camp site. The camp site has a full complement of crafting and adventuring services. Crafting away from the camp will result in items not being caddellite infused, even if made with caddellite infused resources.

Metal weapons can be crafted with Caddellite infused ingots for melee battle against the creatures in Khaldun.

Caddellite infused boards can be used to make wooden weapons & musical instruments while caddellite infused bark fragments can be cooked into  infused woodpulp and then turned by scribes into infused blank scrolls, 5 scrolls from each woodpulp, with which to write spellbooks; for melee, ranged and magic battle against the creatures of Khaldun.

Tasty treats can be crafted from Caddellite infused fish steaks for pet battle against the creatures of Khaldun (duration 30 mins)

Caddellite infused weapons can be imbued or reforged, Caddellite does not count towards imbuing weight.

Artifacts of the Cult will appear in adventurers’ packs as they battle the inhabitants of the dungeon and the researcher will exchange these for a variety of items in his inventory; figures in brackets are the number of artifacts the trader requires in exchange:

  • First Aid Belt (30)– this blessed belt container safely holds up to 1000 bandages, 50% weight reduction, +2 Hit Point Regen, and 10% bandage healing bonus while equipped that stacks with other healing bonuses.
  • Mask of Khal Ankur (50) – this powerful mask of a mysterious warrior king offers the wearer immense power including,
    • Caddellite Infused
    • HP Increase 10
    • Mana Increase 10
    • Enhance Potions 35%
    • LMC 10%
    • 15% All resists
    • Meteor Breath Charges: 1
      • Can cast “Meteor Swarm” when used
      • Interruptable
      • Mana, reagent & skill check free
      • 5 minute recharge time when worn, reset when unequipped
    • Available as the Pendant of Khal Ankur for Gargoyles with mage armor
  • RewardTitle Deeds
    • Seeker of the Fallen Star (20)
    • Zealot of Khal Ankur (30)
    • Prophet (50)
  • Cultist’s Ritual Tome (50)
    • Magery Spellbook
    • Caddellite Infused
    • Slayer (Random)
    • DCI 5%
    • SDI 25%
    • FCR 2
    • LMC 4%
  • sterling silver ring (50)
    • Meditation +20
    • Hit Point Regeneration 3
    • Mana Regeneration 5
    • Damage Increase 75%
    • Additional +20 skill bonus applied by double clicking the ring and selecting from the available skills
  • boots/talons of escaping (50)
    • Dexterity Bonus 4
    • Stamina Regeneration 1

Hidden & Puzzle Chests

Throughout Khaldun these treasure troves can be found to reward the discerning rogue with a number of premium rewards including,

  • Rare stealable decorative relics of Hydros, Lithos, Pyros and Stratos  
  • New decorative paintings
  • Artifacts of the Cult
  • Peculiar decorative items of the cult
  • Decorative counterfeit platinum
  • Dreadhorn mane, corruption and taint
  • Helpful items such as bandages, smoke bombs, invisibility potions, lockpicks, gold and gems

Khaldun Puzzle chest loot has been updated, with better odds at finding premium rewards over hidden chests.

Khal Ankur Champ Spawn

Khal Ankur and the mysterious forces summoning him have established Khaldun as the center of their power. Battle against waves of enemies to claim valuable “Artifacts of the Cult”. Defeat their leader for a chance of receiving a halloween costume.

Available in Trammel & Felucca

Felucca Only – during the duration of the Treasures of Khaldun, a bonus to the level of Powerscroll drops will be available – guaranteeing up to 4 Legendary powerscrolls.

Khal Ankur’s Forces

  • Wave 1: Blood, Skelemental Knights in 2 types.
    • Type 1, 100% energy damage, weak against poison.
    • Type 2, 100% poison damage, weak against energy.
  • Wave 2: Viscera skelemental mages in 2 types
    • Type 1, 100% fire damage, weak against cold.
    • Type 2, 100% cold damage, weak against fire.
  • Wave 3:  Cultist Ambusher, Shadow Fiend
  • Wave 4:  Cultists (Scout, Corporal, Lieutenant, Captain & General)

Also spawning in this area, but not part of the champion spawn are Ancient Lich, Bone Magi, Skeletal Mages and Zealots of Khaldun (Knights and Summoners)