House Ownership – 4. Resizing

As you look around the area where you placed your house you may wonder if you could have placed something larger, or a neighbouring house may fall, opening up the possibility of a larger house than is currently in that location. You have an option to ‘resize’ your house. Resizing can best be described as a ‘protected demolish’, however do be aware that it IS a demolish, the plot will be completely removed, there will be no moving crate and if you do not remove your items from the house they will be left on the ground where anyone passing could pick them up.

So how is it ‘protected’? When you use the command ‘I wish to resize my house’ a protected zone is created which allows no one except characters on the account that held the house to place in that area for one hour. Anyone trying to place in that location during that period will get the message “This area is temporarily unavailable for housing placement”.

Before you Resize

  • Study the area carefully for obstacles and uneven ground, determine what size of house you think will fit and in which direction you can expand. Don’t forget to take into account the placement rules.
  • You could mark the corners of the expected new plot with fishsteaks to guide you. Mark the corners of the current plot too in case you are unable to expand and need to put the original plot back!
  • Check the ‘Information’ page of your house sign. Is your current house ‘properly placed’. If not, you will not be able to re-place the plot you have now in the same location. A larger house would be an unlikely possibility
  • Check the ‘Customize’ page of your house sign. Is the moving crate empty? If not, empty it before you begin.
  • Double click the house placement tool to check that the housing server is not offline. If the menu fails to open, postpone the resize
  • Make sure you have a house placement tool, and enough funds in the bank to pay for the new plot.
  • Empty the house, including any vendors or barkeeps. You might utilize pack horses, giant beetles, all characters’ bank boxes. If you load pack horses bear in mind they will not log out of game if you do. Also lead them out of the proposed new ‘footprint’ area and tell them to ‘stay’.

When you’ve checked off everything and you’re sure you’re ready stand under the house sign and say ‘I wish to resize my house’. Hit enter, the timer is running, you have an hour!

Keep in mind that the placement tool has a cooldown timer if used too often, so take your time and line the image up carefully before you click.