House Ownership – 3. Trading a House

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An alternative to placing a house is that of buying from another player, or selling your house to another player should you choose to move. A considerable amount of information on the topic is included in the game itself through gumps.

The Seller

On selecting the ‘trade house’ on the ‘ownership’ page of the house sign the house owner will see the message:
In order to transfer the house, you and the recipient must both be outside the building and within two paces of the house sign.
On targeting the buyer both characters will see a blue deed representing the house in the trade window, mousing over this deed gives details of the house. (In this example the seller is using the Enhanced Client, the buyer is using the Classic Client, hence the different styles of the trade window)

tradehouseEC tradehouseCC

The Buyer

The prospective buyer, on being targeted, sees an extensive warning dialogue which must be scrolled to be read. The image below is the entire warning, stitched together to create one image.


Read the warning carefully. If everything about the house you are buying matches what you were told of it, and you accept that any house on a similar shard that you already own will be condemned if you complete the trade, then complete the trade by typing in the agreed amount at the bottom of the trade window as shown in the example above.

You may own: one house on a shard with a Trammel Ruleset, one house on a special ruleset shard ie Siege Perlious or Mugen. Houses on the test center are not counted. Caution: Sometimes players can be seen to refer to Origin and Izumo as ‘test shards’. This is not accurate. Origin and Izumo are a ‘first stop’ when a new publish leaves test shard before it goes world wide. Building a house on either of these shards will condemn a house on any other shard but Siege, Mugen or Test shard.