Font of Fortune


resurrection_fontThe Font of Fortune is found at the furthest Northern edge of Underworld, beyond the land of the Gray goblins, its powers to resurrect the dead has been noted in the page Resurrection in Underworld and The Stygian Abyss but that is not its only power.

Some creatures in Underworld have in their loot luck coins LuckyCoin, what should one do with a lucky coin? Why throw it into a fountain of course! The Font of Fortune is the place to throw your coin.

Double clicking the coin causes it to tell you: Make a wish then toss me into the sacred waters!! You may throw up to two coins at a time, receiving two fortunes. once thrown you must wait 12 hours before you may toss any more coins. Throwing more than two coins will waste the extras, only two fortunes will be granted.

Whether you get what you wished for is a debatable point, but here are the fortunes the Font may confer:


  • “Your luck just improved!” – Increases Luck by 400 for 30 minutes.
  • “You suddenly feel stronger!” – Increases strength by 10 for 30 minutes.
  • “You suddenly feel more agile!” – Increases dexterity by 10 for 30 minutes.
  • “You suddenly feel wiser!” – Increases intelligence by 10 for 30 minutes.
  • “You suddenly feel less vulnerable!” – gives protection from bloodworm, rotworm and tangling roots special attack for 30 minutes.
  • “The duration of your balm increases by an hour!” – Increases duration of Balm, or a previous Stat Bonus effect from the fountain by an hour.


Should you receive the message “An item has been placed in your backpack” you will have been blessed with one of the fountain’s treasures.

  • Enchanted Essence Enchanted Essence
  • Relic_Fragment Relic Fragment
  • gemologist Gemologist’s Satchel
  • soles-providenceSoles of Providence (luck 80)