House Teleportation Tiles

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Pairs of placeable house teleporter tiles are available in two types:

  • Through the Veteran reward system, the teleporter tile set is a year 12 reward (144 months)
    Although the character claiming this item must meet the age requirement, once claimed they can be used and placed by anyone regardless of age.
  • Through purchase from Origin Store
    This type of teleporter holds charges. You are able to recharge the tiles with gate scrolls, each gate scroll adds 5 charges. The max number of gate scrolls the teleport can hold at any given time is 200 ie 1000 charges.

Teleportation tiles allow characters to teleport within the same house or inside another house where the 2nd teleporter has been placed.

  • Cross-facet teleportation will work as long as the character is allowed on that facet.
  • Only the owner or co-owner of each house can place the teleporters and can set the security level on them.
  • These must be locked down inside a house to be functional.
  • To place the teleporters:
    • The character must meet lockdown permission of the origin teleporter.
    • The character must have house access permission of the destination home.
    • The character may not be flagged criminal or in the heat of battle.
    • The character must meet facet restrictions (flagged criminal, young player, or expansion entitlement).
    • The character must meet teleport restrictions (no dragging items or overweight characters).

Unlinked Teleporters

If two House Teleporters of the same type are not linked to each other, it is possible to form a link between the two. To do this:

  1. Have both House Teleporters in your backpack.
  2. Double-click on one House Teleporter.
  3. When the targeting cursor appears, target the other House Teleporter.
  4. The two House Teleporters will then be linked and can be used for teleporting between each location when locked down in a house.

This is an exclusive link, old link associations will be broken when the new link is formed. If a placed teleporter becomes unlinked for any reason the teleporter will become dark grey.