The Floating Emporium – Sea Market

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Sea Market is a large floating dock South of Moonglow, North of Fire Island and East of Magincia.


At the Northern end of the structure you will find Winds Tavern with its proprietor GB Bigglesby who offers bounties for captured Pirates. The Tavernkeeper offers a variety of strange concoctions which our chefs can use to create special fish pies.

Opposite the tavern is the office of the Dockmaster who will Dry Dock your ship and retrieve the contents of your hold for a fee.

Between the two buildings is the fishmonger, offering quests to fishermen.

A variety of familiar tradesmen are wandering the boards, a provisioner, a tailor, a hairstylist, a body sculptor, a banker, a blacksmith, a tinker, a tanner, several fishers and wandering healers.


alchemist crabfisher tavernkeeper

The alchemist, in addition to the usual inventory, sells the newly discovered saltpeter while more specialist artisans are the crab fishers, selling lobster traps, the boat painter and the shipwrights. Two shipwrights ply their trade on the dock, the Gargoyle shipwright will sell you a ship of Gargoyle design while his human counterpart will sell you a Tokuno styled vessel.

Whatever your business at this bustling market, do not tarry too long, docking of ships is limited to 20 minutes, after which time your ship will be removed to the marker buoys a short distance from the structure.

Notice of removal is given 5 minutes before the event and at one minute intervals thereafter.