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A significant racial ability of gargoyle characters is the ability to fly. This is done at mount speed, gargoyles being unable to ride.  The ability is turned on through an icon in the racial abilities book, through Classic Client options or by pulling the icon into an Enhanced client hot bar or macro.

Most gargoyle flight takes place at approximately head height. Rivers and mountains block the path as effectively for a flying gargoyle as for a walking or mounted human or elf.

Gargoyles can, however, fly over some rivers and mountains in Ter Mur and a few areas in Underworld and the Stygian Abyss.

Flight paths are marked with pairs of sparkles, visible only to gargoyles. Two examples of these are the mountain pass to Singularity Shrine and a river crossing to a small island in the center of the river North West of the Royal City. Both of the areas these paths lead to can also be reached by use of the teleport spell.


The Aerial Path

An addition to these simple crossings is the more spectacular, much higher, aerial flight path; allowing a gargoyle in flight mode to fly over mountains, rivers, the heads of the beasts of Ter Mur and even over the void.

Launch yourself into the Ter Mur skies from the top of one of the eight flight towers, between the sparkles, to begin your journey along the narrow, unseen corridor stretching from tower to tower.


Do not deviate from the route when over land, or you will fall from the lofty passage back to normal head height. Over water, mountains or the void an invisible barrier will prevent you from suffering this fate. The dotted line on the Ter Mur Map shows the route, towers being shown by the flight icon

Each tower has 2 pairs of sparkles, arrive through one pair, depart through the second pair. Flying always in a straight line.

There is just one deviation from this. At a point roughly three quarters of the way down the Eastern arm is a small bend in the route. You will find your path blocked:

route_kink On reaching this bend, characters flying north should fly east till close to the opposite river bank, then continue their journey northwards. Characters flying south should turn west till they reach the point shown, then continue their journey southwards.

Flight Paths Mapped

In addition to the river crossing and passage to the shrine illustrated above there are five other paths, all in the Northern part of the facet, illustrated by blue dotted lines on the map below


Three paths exist in Underworld, all crossing water, again marked on the map by blue dotted lines


In total there are six paths in the Stygian Abyss, also marked on the map below by blue dotted lines.