A Dish Best Served Cold

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This quest requires that the quester gather the items required to make blackrock stew, the reward is the recipe for Blackrock Stew which can be read by an accomplished cook

Note: To be offered this quest the character must first attain 5000 loyalty points to the Ophidians. This is achieved by killing Bane Chosen (no longer spawning) or Terathans. The quest may only be done once per character.


Quest Text

Greetings ally of the Ophidians-s-s. I am working on a secret project to undermine the power of our hated enemies the Bane Chos-s-sen.

We know that the Bane Chos-s-sen use their knowledge of the Bane Dragon food to manipulate those hungry for power over Bane Dragons-s-s. If I can discover the s-s-secret recipe for their mysterious blackrock stew, we can sell it freely and weaken their power bas-s-se.

I s-s-seek assistance in this project. If you will assist, I will give you a copy of the recipe when I discover it.

I need the following ingredients-s-s, the arms of a Terathan Avenger, one Bowl of Rotworm Stew, and five Small Pieces of Blackrock. Will you assis-s-st us-s-s?

The Items

  • Terathan Avenger arms: found on the corpses of Terathan Avengers
  • Rotworm stew: you will need to buy this from a player or complete the quest Bad Company given by Jaacar the Gray Goblin to obtain the recipe to cook it yourself
  • Small Blackrock pieces: randomly discovered by GM miners.