Bardic Spellsongs

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Bardic Spellsongs
The ability to cast 'spellsongs', bard mastery, is achieved by performing one of three quests given by Sir Berran the Song Wielder, Sir Hareus the Battle Rouser or Sir Falean the Spirit Soother. They are found in the Conservatory of Music in Britain (both facets). Caution, only one 'mastery' can be held at any time. Mastering a second 'song' negates the first mastery. To regain a mastery you must repeat the quest to unlock it. Spellsongs do not affect normal use of barding skills, however you must have 'master' level in both the specific skill and musicianship to undertake the quest. Each completion of the quest is rewarded with a full Book of Bardic Masteries. <a href=""><img class="size-medium wp-image-3971 aligncenter" src="" alt="spellsong" width="300" height="202" /></a> <b>Sir Berran the Song Weilder</b> <i>Wielding the Sonic Blade</i> To unlock the discordance mastery abilities for bards you must discord 5 goats and thereby gain the mastery of song wielding. <b>Sir Falean the Spirit Soother</b> <i>The Beacon of Harmony</i> To unlock the peacemaking mastery abilities for bards you must calm 5 mongbats and thereby gain the mastery of spirit soothing <b>Sir Hareus the Battle Rouser</b> <i>Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser</i> To unlock the provocation mastery abilities for bards you must incite rabbits into battle with 5 wandering healers and thereby gain the mastery of battle rousing. Once mastered, the spellsongs are 'cast' in the same way as casting a magic spell. Having mastered the art of your choice, proceed to the <a href="">Bard Mastery</a> page for details of the songs.

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