Begging is a skill that, other than role play, only really comes into its own during the short period around Halloween when Trick or Treat is active in game. While all characters can receive various forms of candy during this period, and of course all the ‘tricks’, only those with GM begging can get the special decor items.

Initial training in the skill can be bought from gypsy npcs, to continue training use the skill from the skill list or via a macro and target any npc. Below is an explanation of the spoken responses you may receive. Be aware that the act of begging will lower your karma.

Begging Responses

I feel sorry for thee… here have a gold coin
Begging succeeded
They seem unwilling to give you any money
Begging failed
You are too far away…
Stand closer to the NPC and try again
Here take this
Begging succeeded, the target was Heartwood elf – you have been given an item
There is little chance of getting money from that.
The NPC has no back pack


Training in Heartwood is somewhat more interesting as Elves have no use for gold, instead they will donate items bearing the label ‘acquired by begging’. These items are:

  • Common Items (75% approx)
    • Water Pitcher (normal and reversed)
    • French Bread
    • Lantern
  • Uncommon Items (24% approx)
    • Pizza
    • Bowl of Stew
    • Wedge of Cheese
    • Bunch of Dates
    • Shirt
    • Pitcher of Liquor (normal and reversed)
  • Rare Items (1% approx)
    • Bottle of Wine
    • Flower Garland (normal and reversed)
    • Bedroll
    • Plate of Cookies
    • Fishing Pole
    • Fish Steak (cooked)
    • Turnip
    • Sake

The elves of Sanctuary are also willing to give items, but are significantly more difficult to reach. Darius the Wise in Moonglow is also a friendly elf willing to make a donation.

Trick or Treat

Each year since 2006 for a short period saying ‘Trick or Treat’ will give a targeting cursor. Targeting an NPC will give a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat’. Most treats are candy, tricks have varied from year to year but can involve teleportation to a different location, temporary re-coloring of clothing or an ‘evil twin’ stealing your candy.

Rare items only available to GM beggars have included spider webs, miniature guillotine and iron maiden, skulls on a pike, a skeletal torso and head, a chair in a ghost costume,developers’ heads on spikes and most recently 3 special skulls.

2014skulls Obsidian, Crystal and Jade.