Bard Masteries

Discordance | Peacemaking | Provocation

Before being able to use these abilities the bard must undertake the relevant Spellsong Quest. Once players have chosen a mastery, the abilities are freely usable at any time and only have as requirements the skill and mana costs.

  • Party must remain within range of the Bard to remain under the spellsong effects.
  • Bards may be interrupted when they receive damage while using their abilities, causing the effect to end.
  • A bard may only have one ability in effect at a time.
  • Abilities do not stack with themselves.
  • All abilities require upkeep dependent on how many are being affected by the ability.
  • Abilities will not check for Criminal flagging, so beware of your Party members.

Discordance: Title Desponder

Words of Power
Mana Cost
Tribulation in jux hur rel Cast: 30; Upkeep: 16
skill_bard_tribulationTarget Hit Chance reduced by up to 32%, Spell Damaged reduced by 32%, Damage Taken can trigger additional damage between 20-60% of the damage taken as physical once per second. (Discordance Based) (Chance to Trigger damage Musicianship Based)
Despair kal des mani tym Cast: 30; Upkeep:18
skill_bard_despairTarget Strength Reduced by up to 32, 20 – 60 Damage (Physical), every 2 seconds.

Peacemaking: Title Galvanizer

Resilience kal mani tym Cast: 30 Upkeep: 8
skill_bard_resiliencePoison resistance increase(not the stat), Mortal, Bleed, Curse effect Durations decreased, Hp regen bonus 2-8, mana regen bonus 2-8, stamina regen bonus 2-8.
Perseverance uus jux sanct Cast: 30; Upkeep: 8
skill_bard_perseveranceParty Defense Chance increased by up to 16%, Damage reduced by up to 16%. Casting focus bonus 1-4%.

Provocation: Title Exhilirator

Inspire uus por Cast: 30 Upkeep: 8
skill_bard_inspireParty Hit chance increase by up to 15%, Damage increase by up to 40%, SDI increased by up to 15% (PvP Cap 15)(Provocation Based)
Invigorate an zu Cast: 30; Upkeep: 8
skill_bard_invigorateParty Hit Points increased by up to 20, Party healed for 7-16 dmg every 4 seconds. (Provocation Based). Party Strength, Dex, Int, Increased by Up to 8.