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verityBegin the quest chain by talking to Verity the Librarian in the library just out side Castle British. She tells you that she cannot permit you to make donations till you become a ‘friend of the library’ She gives you an application form and tells you to take it to Sarakki the Notary, whom you will find just outside the library, near the castle entrance.

Bureacratic Delay

Sarakki has run out of sealing wax, she cannot notarize your application, take an order for sealing was to Petrus the Beekeeper. Petrus is found East of Compassion moongate in Ilshenar, he agrees to fill the order, but he needs you to fetch some poison sacs from speckled scorpions

petrus speckled

The Secret Ingredient

The sacs are only viable for an hour or so, Off to the desert, with only 3600 seconds! Head back through the pass towards the gypsy camp you passed and turn south, cross the bridge to the ancient citadel, and then the bridge to the

Collect 5 poison sacs, this may take a while since not all speckled scorpions have them

Note:these items have a timer, but are transferable so need not be collected by the same character.

Mark the sacs as quest items and return them to Petrus.

Take the sealing wax to Sarakki. At last you have your notorized application to hand in to Verity. Return to the library. Verity presents you with the Friends of the Library Token