Jaacar The Gray Goblin

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Jaacar offers two simple, chained ‘monster slay’ quests. The second slightly more challenging than the first.

Full Quest Text:

jaacar1This first request requires the death of 10 of the rival Green Goblins.

“We can be friends, yes? Outside kind and inside kind be friends? This is good, yes? Jacaar knows who hates our kind; Gray Goblins not hate you. We want to be friends! Jaacar want to warn you! Yes, friends give good warnings!

Green goblins bad, very bad. Green Goblins buildiing up piles of weapons! When Green Goblins get enough weapons, they make war with the outside kind… Your kind! They come in the night and stab my new friend with own sword! They will! I swear!

Gray Goblins know this, that is why we fight them! We protect our friend! You, our friend! Will you help stop Green Goblins? If you help, Jaacar give some of smart knowledge! Help each other, yes?”

Green goblins are found at the opposite side of Underworld, as seen on the dungeon map


Note: only creatures named ‘a green goblin’ will count towards the completion of this quest. ‘a green goblin scout’ and ‘a green goblin alchemist’ will not.

On the death of the tenth green goblin a yellow-named Green Goblin Captain will appear, and immediately die. Return to Jaacar and receive your reward, the recipe for Rotworm Stew.
jaacar2Jaacar now offers his second quest, kill 12 blood creatures. These can be Blood Elementals or Bloodworms. Although he asks you to fill a barrel, there is no actual barrel given or returned.

There appears to be only one spawning blood elemental in underworld, and sometimes isn’t found at all, so it is probably preferable to kill Bloodworms.

Note: Blood elementals killed elsewhere, eg Shame Dungeon, will not count towards this quest

Bloodworms spawn in the company of rotworms, so it is possible to also collect the ingredient required for the rotworm stew recipe, rotworm meat (carve the corpse).

The reward for this task is a bag of treasure, however the quester may find that what Jaacar considers to be ‘treasure’ may not coincide with his/her own definition of the term.

rotworm_stewEating Rotworm Stew has no beneficial, or detrimental, effect.  It is an ingredient required to make Blackrock Stew, this is fed to Bane Dragons.