Laifem the Weaver

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Laifem is found in Royal City, Ter Mur in the Tailor Shop. The quest she gives entitles the questor, upon completion of it, to purchase from her inventory of carpets.


Shearing Knowledge

Welcome to my little shop!

Don’t you just love these beautiful carpet samples? Look at these embroidery patterns! And the intricate knotwork! It was sure worth every gold piece I paid to have these shipped from Vesper.

What’s that? No, no, I’m sorry, these aren’t for sale! I’m working towards recreating each of these gorgeous styles myself, you see, and just wanted to show my future customers what they might one day expect! By the skies though, how do I even begin learning these new patterns?

I know! If you help me get started, you could be one of my first customers! Yes, that’s it – I need to get into the mind of a Britannian crafter, so I need Britannian wool! Real, natural wool, mind you, none of the cheap sort you see on the vendors.

Maybe you could find some by shearing some of those… what do you call them? Sherp? Sheeple?

She means sheep. Find those in Trammel or Felucca and sheer 10 of them, the reward for this is:
A step closer to having access to Laifem’s inventory of decorative carpets

The easiest places to find sheep in numbers are the Yew pens, though any sheep outside of Ter Mur will do. While this quest is active, when you shear a sheep, you will get 2 piles of wool.  One is normal and the second is darker in color and labeled Britannian Wool.

Mark your pile of Britannian Wool as a ‘quest item’ and return to Laifem.


Wow! Isn’t this amazing? It’s so soft, so pure – surely this is the key to my efforts!

*Laifem skillfully spins the wool into a beautiful ball of white yarn – before you know it, she’s staring down at her first attempt to weave a Britannian carpet*

Weaving Friendships

Description: (quest chain)
*Laifem stares down at the ruins of her first carpet weaving attempt*

Hrm… I guess I thought this would be a bit easier.

*She reaches up and twists on her ear a little, obviously deep in thought*

You know… I think I need some professional assistance! There’s a tailoring shop in Vesper called, hrm.”The Spinning…” “The Spinning…” something or other. Sorry, I just don’t have a head for all those clever Britannian shop names.


I’m sure someone there could help, do you think you could deliver a letter of introduction for me?

Of course you will deliver her letter to Dermott in Vesper
The reward for this is: A step closer to having access to Laifem’s inventory of decorative carpets.


Head to Vesper and find Dermott in the tailor shop on the islands that make up the main part of the city


A letter?  From a Gargoyle you say?

Dermott takes the letter, and for your final task:

A New Spin on Things

Oh my! Now isn’t this something? A Gargoyle seeking to master the ways of our humble little industry. Why, this is nothing short of inspraitional!

I think I have just the thing for him.There’s a book over… oh! It’s a her? My apologies, I just don’t have a knack for those Gargish names you know!

Regardless, please take this back to the young lady, if you would be so kind.

Best regards!

Take the book Dermott gives you, entitled ‘Mastering the Art of Weaving’ back to Laifem.
The reward for this is: Access to Laifem’s inventory of decorative carpets.


This is perfect! Thank you so, so much!

*Laifem eagerly begins reading the book while pacing about the room*

Yes, yes I see. *nods* And the loops are done in a… with mohair knots… *her fingers begin weaving idly in the air as she thinks* and then to finish off the tassels I just…

This is everything I need to begin weaving my very own decorative carpets. You see, I won’t just make the larger carpets. I’m going to make them in smaller pieces that can be put together to make any size or combination!Isn’t that wonderful?

After clicking continue on the quest log, you will receive the following message in the lower left of your screen:

You have succeeded in aiding Laifem’s attempts to master Britannian weaving, and can now access her inventory of decorative carpets!