Mistaken Identity

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This is a 4 quests chain granting entrance to Bedlam

Take the quest by double clicking the npc. Progress can be checked through your quest log, accessible through your character’s paper doll.

Quest Title


Quest Givers


Mistaken Identity Deliver 1 Tuition Reimbursement Form to Gorrow the Mayor in Luna Aernya Mistress of Admissions, Umbra Access to the 2nd quest
You Scratch My Back Obtain 1Unicorn Rib, 2 Ki-Rin Brains and 5 Pixie Legs Gorrow the Mayor, Luna signed tuition reimbursement form
Not Quite that Easy Obtain 1 Signed Tuition Reimbursement Form from Master Gnosos the Necromancer in Bedlam Aernya Mistress of Admissions, Umbra access to the 4th quest
Note: At this point access to Bedlam is attained (through the iron maiden in the Bloodletter Shop) The rest of the quest chain can be deferred indefinitely
Convince Me Slay 1 Red Death, 8 Gore Fiends and 8 Rotting Corpses in Bedlam Master Gnosos the Necromancer, Bedlam Signed Tuition Reimursment
Finally take the signed tuition reimbursement form back to Aernya Mistress of Admissions to receive a strong box