Prisoner Escort Quests

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Gangs of cutthroats hold nobles prisoner in camps throughout the land, they will call to you for rescue as you approach

A prisoner can also often be found held by the lizardmen in the upper level of Despise, North corner and by the orcs, deep within their mine.

Take the quest by double clicking the npc, the resulting gump will tell you the required destination. You have just a short time to convey your charge to his her destination

brigandprisoner ratsprisonerorcprisoner orcsprisoner

Reward for these quests is 500gp and a gain in Compassion virtue, though you may only gain compassion 5 times in each 24 hour period.

Note: The escort links of the heritage quest chains can also be done exclusive of the rest of the chain to gain compassion, ie Bravehorn to the water hole and Lissbet to her grandfather’s farm.