The Witches Apprentice

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Quest Overview

This quest uses the older quest engine.

Description: Help the witch recover her recipe and then find the ingredients listed on it for her.
Starting Point: Ruins in the forest south of Yew.
Items Required: Shovel*, Spyglass*, Dagger/Sword*, Empty Pitcher*, A Tricorne Hat*, Lots of Alcohol*
Reward: 2000 – 2200 Gold, 30 of each Reagent, A Magic Item, A Treasure Map (levels 1 – 4; stash to hoard), A Cauldron, A Bottle of Magical Moonfire Brew, Grizelda’s Extra Strength Hangover Cure (Only if you are drunk) a gain in Sacrifice Virtue
* This item is only needed sometimes.


The Witch’s Apprentice quest start when you talk to Grizelda the Hag, who can be found in some old ruins out in the middle of the woods far south of Yew.


Grizelda seems to have a problem keeping her apprentices alive, mainly because of a certain Imp named Zeefzorpul. Therefore she will ask you to go look for her last apprentice, who has gone missing.
zeefzorpulTo find the apprentice you will have to go to the road west of the ruins and follow it north towards the cemetery in Yew. Somewhere along the road you will come across the body of the apprentice and notice an Imp stealing a piece of paper from the corpse. Examine the corpse to find out that it is the missing apprentice and then return to Grizelda with the bad news.

Grizelda, now being an apprentice short, asks you to track down the Imp and get the recipe it stole from the apprentice back. The Imp, who is named Zeefzorpul, is a notorious troublemaker and very good at hiding when he’s in trouble, but Grizelda is sure that most other Imps will be able to tell you where he is, although you might have to beat it out of them.

You should then go find some Imps and start killing them, any Imps will do. After you’ve killed a few, one of them will talk to you and give you a map leading to Zeefzorpul’s hideout and a magic flute with the power to summon him. Look at the map and see if you can figure out which location it points to, if you can’t then try looking at the bottom of this page.

Now go to the location the map shows and play the flute, this should make Zeefzorpul appear. He wont be too happy to see you of course, but he ends up giving you Grizelda’s recipe anyway and then he steals the flute from you, so you can’t disturb him again. You can then return to Grizelda and report your success.

Grizelda isn’t going to give you a reward just yet though, you will first have to complete the original apprentices job, which was to collect the items required for the recipe. The recipe will list three random items from the following list that you will need to find:

  • 5 Sheep Liver (kill 5 Sheep)
  • 5 Rabbit’s Foot (kill 5 Rabbits or Jack Rabbits)
  • 5 Mongbat Wing (kill 5 Mongbats)
  • 5 Chicken Gizzard (kill 5 Chickens)
  • 5 Rat Tail (kill 5 Rats or Sewer Rats)
  • 5 Frog’s Leg (kill 5 Bullfrogs)
  • 5 Deer Heart (kill 5 Hinds or Great Harts)
  • 5 Lizard Tongue (kill 5 Lizardmen or Lava Lizards)
  • 5 Slime Ooze (kill 5 Slimes or Frost Oozes)
  • 5 Spirit Essence (kill 5 Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, Wraiths or Shadow Fiends)
  • 5 Bones Buried In Hallowed Ground (use a shovel on a grave)
  • Swamp Water (use a pitcher on a swamp)
  • Freshly Cut Red Mushrooms (use a dagger or other sharp item on a red mushroom)
  • Star Chart (use a spyglass at night)
  • Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey (see below)

If one of the items is Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey, you will need to go to The Pirate’s Plunder Tavern in Buccaneer’s Den and talk to Captain Blackheart himself.


The captain is not going to give just anybody a taste of his whiskey though, so you will have to prove yourself to him. First you will need to look like a pirate, that is easily done by wearing a Tricorne Hat. Next you will have to show that you can hold your liquor, so you will have to drink about 5 or more pitchers of alcohol and then talk to the captain again. Once he is convinced you are a proper pirate he will offer you some of his rare whiskey.

Once you have found all three items and brought them back to Grizelda, she will reward you with a bag containing about 2000 Gold Pieces, 30 of each Reagent, A Magic Item, A Treasure Map (levels 1 – 6), A Cauldron and A Bottle of Magic Moonfire Brew. If one of the ingredients on the recipe was Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey, she will also give you a bottle of Grizelda’s Extra Strength Hangover Cure